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Incident management for high-velocity teams

Jira Service Management accelerates the flow of information between operations and development teams to respond and restore systems when incidents occur.

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For DevOps & IT Operations teams

Jira Service Management helps DevOps teams understand changes and innovate faster with integrations into modern software workflows. And for IT Operations teams, we took the powerful incident swarming and on-call alerting capabilities from our popular Opsgenie product and built them right into Jira Service Management.


Respond to critical issues before they impact your business

Empower employees to report issues

Leverage an intuitive service desk portal that makes it easy for employees to report incidents.

Centralize all alerts

Aggregate incoming alerts and signals from all your monitoring, service desk and logging applications.

Categorize and prioritize issues

Automatically reduce noise and surface the most important issues to the right team.

Ensure critical issues are never missed

Notify the right people using powerful routing rules and multiple communication channels including SMS, email, push notifications, chat and voice calls.

Ticket portal and phone with on call calendar

Bring operations and development teams together for faster resolution

Respond to critical issues before they impact your business

Be prepared for major incidents

Plan ahead for specific service disruptions with incident response templates. Predefine which responders and stakeholders to notify, craft communications and set up the best channels to collaborate.

Collaborate with efficiency

Fast track resolution using built-in video conferences capabilities or integrations with best-of-breed tools like Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Take immediate action

Save time by attaching runbooks to alerts so you can quickly kickoff common remediation tasks, either automatically or on-demand.

Build trust with every incident

Proactively notify your customers of service disruptions with the Statuspage integration. Reduce incoming support tickets and preserve your most valued relationships.


Track and improve on incidents over time with problem management

Record everything

Get full visibility into the entire incident lifecycle with an automatically generated incident timeline.

Document the important point

Automatically create postmortem reports to capture the root cause, areas of success and opportunities to improve your incident response practice.

Assign and track follow-up tasks

Address the underlying problems by easily creating Problem tickets and tracking them through to completion.

Improve operational efficiency

Use deep analytics and reporting to better distribute on-call duties, identify reoccuring issues and improve your response practices.

Incident analytics

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Incident Management Handbook

If you're on a development or operations team that looks after internet services for customers who require 24/7 availability, this handbook is for you.

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