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Establishing an incident management practice that team members and customers trust can be difficult. Learn how to operationalize battle-tested incident management principles and practices using Jira Service Management.


If you’re on a development or operations team that looks after services for customers who require 24/7 availability, this handbook is for you. If you are a manager of a company’s legal, public relations, or human resources team, this handbook is also for you. Why? Because incident management also includes an organization’s broader strategic handling of an incident. It requires the coordinated oversight of the leadership group, which usually consists of representatives from teams such as the executive board, IT, legal, communications, and HR.

An effective incident management practice helps teams to communicate efficiently, share data quickly, then learn and improve. This handbook describes Atlassian’s approach to incident management principles and practices and how to apply these lessons using Jira Service Management.

In this handbook, you'll learn:
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Proven and battle-tested incident management practices we use at Atlassian. 

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The steps for responding, resolving, and learning from incidents.


How to set up Jira Service Management to support your approach to incident management.