Manufacturing companies use Jira Service Management to standardize work

Manufacturing organizations use Jira Service Management to develop, manufacture, and supply goods and services in a more efficient and sustainable way.

Jira Service Management manufacturing agent portal

Standardize your services

With the Jira platform, a customer-facing portal, and service management projects, remove silos and streamline work across teams. Enable employees to track and manage inventory for all kinds of assets, products, or services.

Boost productivity with automation

Manufacturers understand the power of automation better than anyone. Remove repetitive tasks to speed up processes by using no-code forms, workflows, and automations.

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Jira Service Management manufacturing incidents portal

Improve overall equipment effectiveness

Get more from your plant with an efficient, intelligent approach to preventative maintenance to avoid equipment failure and downtime. Teams can collaborate using comments, @mentions, and even share files. They can rapidly respond to requests, incidents, and changes.

Mitigate risks to safety and security

Ensure a clear line of sight into threats to protect your production and employees. It’s vital that manufacturing companies keep their technology current and protect themselves from malicious actors.


Jira Service Management features for manufacturing companies

Automated workflows

Let automation do the work for you by linking related work or product tickets to provide better support, or auto-assigning issues to streamline processes.

Configuration management

Gain visibility into the infrastructure that supports critical applications and services. Understand service dependencies so you can minimize risk.

Respond to issues, fast

Bring your R&D, support, and operations teams together to rapidly respond to, resolve, and continuously learn from incidents.

Deliver on SLAs

Get the important product lead-times completed first with prioritized queues. Configure, click, and get going in minutes.

Request management

Manage work across manufacturing operational teams with one platform so your employees and customers quickly get the help they need.

Asset management

Manage inventory efficiently, track ownership and lifecycles, and reduce costs.

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Service management templates to help you get started fast

Give the right people the context they need to take action. Manage requests, incidents, and changes to deliver great service, fast.

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Automation library for improved efficiency

Scale your IT service management by automating repetitive tasks. Automation enables you to provide outstanding customer support with a lean team, helping distributed teams thrive. Below are some of the most commonly used automation rules for Jira Service Management.

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