Automation templates for Jira Service Management

Scale your IT service management by automating repetitive tasks. Automation enables you to provide outstanding customer support with a lean team, helping distributed teams thrive. Below are some of the most commonly used automation rules for Jira Service Management.

*Jira Service Management has its own automation engine. The two can be used in tandem.

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Jira Service Management to Confluence

Automatically publish a post-incident review (PIR) in a linked Confluence space New

This rule will automatically create a Confluence page for PIR or post-mortem when an incident is created.

Jira and auto-close

Auto-close old Jira support tickets

Use a scheduled automation rule to seek out old Jira tickets that customers have not responded to, close them and comment for transparency.

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Re-open issue if customer comments on a closed issue

When a customer comments on a closed ticket, this automation rule ensures the issue gets reopened, reassigned and comments.

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Auto assign Jira issues for distributed teams

Using an IF/ELSE condition, you can assign issues to certain teams or people based on their location, language, skillset and more.

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Auto-assign approvers

This is a great and simple automation rule for new staff learning the ropes. If you do not know the answer to a question, click a button to reassign randomly to a more senior team member and avoid overloading any one person.

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Link related Jira support issues

When answering a support ticket, you want as much information at hand as possible. This rule auto-links support issues from different people from the same company. Helps avoid duplicates and provide better support.

Jira and sending warnings through Slack

Send warning to Slack channel with SLAs at risk of breaching

In Jira Service Management, you can set up SLAs for different teams. With Jira automation, you can then automate everything around it, including a warning when the SLA is about to breach.

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