Jira automation templates for Bitbucket, GitHub or GitLab

Developers love to code in focus mode, not update work. However, a healthy business needs Jira to always remain the central source of truth. These DevOps automation rules solve problems for both.

Using automation, you can now integrate directly with Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab and more so your devs can focus on shipping great code, safe in the knowledge that automation will do the work in Jira for them. Let’s take a look at the most common uses.

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Butbucket commit to Jira issue

When a commit is created, then transition the Jira issue

When a commit is created and the status is 'To do', then transition the related Jira issue to 'In Progress' 

Bitbucket commit to Jira issue

When a PR is created, add a comment to the Jira issue

When a Pull Request is created in GitHub, if the status of the Jira issue is 'In Progress' then transition the issue to 'In review'

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When a PR is merged then transition the Jira issue

When a Pull Request is merged in GitLab, if the Jira issue status is 'In Review' and there are no open PRs, then transition to 'done' and add value to the audit log.

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When a commit is created then send Slack message based on assignee

Automatically notify the correct team when a commit is created in Bitbucket, GitLab or GitHub.

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If a build fails in Jenkins, add a comment to the Jira issue and send Slack message

Automatically notify the team when a build has failed in Jenkins via Slack and add more information in the Jira issue’s comment section.

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When deployment fails in production then update Jira issue to ‘On Hold'

Automatically update the Jira issue when a deployment has failed in production.

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