Jira automation templates for software teams

Software teams today are shipping quicker and better than ever before. Automation plays a key part in this.

From removing the small distractions that rip you out of your focus zone to bigger repetitive pieces of work that eat up precious development time, automation can help bring balance to any team. We have covered DevOps automation rules in a separate section but below are some of the most common  rules used by software teams today.

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Remind assignees on issues not updated after 5 days New

Keep your issues up to date and ensure everyone is on the same page. When 5 days pass on an issue without an update, this rule will email the Assignee.

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Send email reminder when task is near due New

Never miss a deadline with email reminders. When a task is near due, this rule will automatically send email notification to you.

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When a new version is released, move issues to done New

Streamline version releases by instantly closing any outstanding issues. When a new version is released, this rule will automatically move issues fixed in the version to done.

Software bugwatch

Automatically assign a watcher when a bug is created New

Streamline bug reporting by notifying the right person of a new bug. When a new bug is created within the project, this rule will automatically add your designated team member as a watcher.

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Automatically move issues from ‘In Progress’ to ‘To Do’ when there is no assignee New

Never have unassigned tickets in progress. When an issue is moved into ‘In Progress’, this rule will automatically check if the issue has an assignee, if none found the issue will be moved back to ‘To Do’.

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When issue estimates change, then sum up Epic story points New

Always stay on top of your estimates. When the story point estimates of an issue is updated, this rule will automatically sum up story point estimates and update your Epic.

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When a ticket is transitioned to ‘In Progress’, set ‘Start Date’ value to current date New

Always stay on top of issue start dates. When an issue is moved into ‘In progress’, this rule will automatically set its ‘Start Date’ value to the current date.

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Clone an Epic from one project to another New

Never have to manually duplicate Epics again. When you need to duplicate an Epic from one company-managed project to another, this rule will clone the entire Epic with all existing issues for you.

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Assign labels to issues based on keywords New

Make issue categorisation easier. This rule will automatically label issues with a certain label if a keyword is detected within it.

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When a story is added to the current sprint, then email Jane

Make sure no sneaky work gets added to your sprint with automated notifications when an issue is added to the current sprint.

Jira and informing watchers

Inform watchers of fixes / new releases

When a bug is fixed or a new feature is released, automatically inform any watchers.

Jira and releases

Transition relevant Jira issues upon a release

With every new cloud release, transition relevant Jira issues and let the team know via Slack.

Jira and ticketing progress

When an issue moves to ‘In Progress’ set the sprint to current

Balancing your work in your sprint is no easy task but automation can help keep things under control. Make sure anything currently being worked on is included in the current sprint.

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When any Jira issue has been marked as ‘Deployed to Cloud’ then transition it to ‘done’

Keeping Jira uncluttered is the secret to success. For this rule, use a scheduled trigger to find any issues in the wrong place and put them right.

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Keep epic and linked issues in sync

If you have lots of stories in an epic, this rule will save lots of time. As soon as a story in an epic changes status, the epic will follow suit.

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