Most popular Jira automation templates

Customers are now automating away thousands of hours of work in Jira every month. Below are some of the most common use cases.

The most popular automations are often the simplest so this is a good place for new automators to start.

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Smart auto-assign

When an issue is created without an assignee, automatically assign it. Go one better and assign it based on skillset or in a balanced workload.

Jira and creating subtasks

Auto-create sub-tasks

Whenever a Jira issue is created, automatically create 5 sub-tasks with certain fields populated. Start simple and add depth as you go.

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Sync parent and child tasks

If the sub-task moves to ‘In Progress’ then move the parent issue to ‘In Progress’ also. Always keep your parent and child tasks in sync.

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Clone issues

When an issue transitions in a Jira Software project, clone the exact same issue in a Jira Service Management project.

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Auto link related issues

Keep your issues in Jira linked by auto-linking issues based on the conditions you set.

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Change due date

When an issue transitions to ‘In Progress’ then update the issue's due date.

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