At Atlassian, we’re spreading our wings into other countries. We recently launched Atlassian Translations where people can collaborate to translate the user interface for Jira, Confluence and other applications into the language of their choice. The new localised website pages are a great start to providing relevant content in people’s own languages.

What about translations of the documentation?


Dedicated Atlassian partners and other community members have translated parts of our documentation into various languages. What’s more, some people have written quick-start guides from scratch in other languages.

Now we have a good place to collect and share these contributions. Take a look at the page for Jira documentation in other languages. There’s a similar page in the community contributions section of each documentation space.

The first contributions

A Spanish administrator’s guide for Jira. Just a few weeks ago, Rocío Navarro Lacoba offered us his Manual de administración Jira 3.13.

A Dutch quick-start guide for Jira. At about the same time, Bart Wesdorp tweeted about his Handleiding Jira.

Two French guides for GreenHopper. Félix Martineau added a couple of comments on the Atlassian doc sprint space, telling us about these guides to GreenHopper, both translations of guides developed during the doc sprint. Ayez l’air intelligent avec GreenHopper is a translation of this guide. And Guide Gestion du backlog avec GreenHopper is a translation of this guide.

A French guide to using images in Confluence. Felix also let us know about this guide written by his colleague, Yann Debonnel: Tutoriel – Travailler avec des images dans Confluence, a translation of this guide developed during our doc sprint.

The links are already in the Jira, Confluence and GreenHopper documentation. Thank you Rocío, Bart, Yann and Félix!

Share your translated documentation and guides

Have you written a quick-start guide to Jira in German, a Confluence administrator’s guide in Catalan or a GreenHopper Kanban guide in Xhosa? We’d love to hear about them, and all other languages too. Just add a comment to the relevant page on our documentation wiki. Tell us the title of your guide, the language it’s written in, and the version of the application that it applies to (such as Jira 4.2 or Confluence 3.4).

Add your comments to these pages:

Add a wiki watch to any of the above pages if you’re waiting for a guide in your own language or even if you just want to watch the conversation happening!

Translating the documentation for Jira, Confluence and other Atlassian applications