As a follow up to being one of four companies invited to demo at Google’s Campfire One event two months ago, we were honored that Atlassian was invited to participate in the Developer Sandbox at Google I/O 2010. We must have made a good impression the first time 😉

Two Days Of Google

If you’ve never been to Google I/O, the energy of this conference is unparalleled. The keynotes on day one saw inspirational demonstrations of HTML 5 and reminded me of how far the web has come in the last decade. Day two revealed the next generation of Google’s Android operating system as well as a new class of product for the 10 foot experience with Google TV. Both keynotes left me thinking “I have to get that!”. Luckily for me, I did get something: Google was kind enough to give each of the attendees a shiny new HTC Evo 4G to play with!

Atlassian’s Ecosystem Steps Up To The Android Plate

Knowing we were heading to Google I/O 2010, some of my team mates reached out to a few members of the Atlassian ecosystem and asked if they could deliver support for Android. Well, they stepped up to the plate. Not only did they release them, I was able to check them out for myself on the Evo. Refined Wiki’s Mobile Interface on an Android device delivers an Android based wiki experience that is highly polished, graceful and easy to use. Last week saw both PuguaSoft PocketJira and ImKon’s Jira Mobile push out beta releases of their Android based bug tracking client, bringing professional issue tracking to Android. The public beta of Mobile Jira is now available in the Android Market and PocketJira is currently looking for people to participate in their private beta.

Atlassian Presents @ Google I/O

In our two days at Moscone West, Atlassian also participated in two presentations covering Atlassian’s Google related initiatives. Jay Simons presented on our listing for our hosted development suite, Jira Studio, now within the Google Apps Marketplace. I presented on a panel about best practices for enterprise deployment of OpenSocial. Both presentations were well received, and video for them will be posted soon!

The Fruits Of Atlassian’s Investment In OpenSocial

Personally, my favorite part of my time at Google I/O was spending time at the booth talking to existing and prospective customers. I enjoy hearing how people are using our products to streamline their development process. Our booth was positioned in the ‘Social Web’ area of the sandbox where many companies were demonstrating their use of OpenSocial. Since all of Atlassian’s products produce OpenSocial gadgets, I would often glance over and see our gadgets being used in their demos! Truly a sign that product interoperability and component based user interface is a win-win for end users and software vendors alike.
Did you go to Google I/O 2010? Better than last year? Expecting more? Share your comments/thoughts below…

Atlassian Invited To Google I/O 2010 – Shows Off Android Plugins