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The new shape of modern IT teams

We recently conducted a survey of over 600 IT professionals across the United States to learn what makes modern IT professionals tick. We knew that IT teams came in all shapes and sizes but we wanted to dig deeper and understand what it means to be a modern IT team practicing ITSM.

Modern ITSM

Modern IT teams are ones that align with the business needs and strategy as opposed to just completing tickets and delivering on SLAs. When IT teams are tapped into the business strategy, they can streamline their day-to-day work and focus on driving technological improvements across the company, from sales, to marketing, and customer success. We discovered that while a third of teams report being completely aligned with the business today, the number of business-focused IT teams is growing, with 29% of teams reporting that IT is key to business strategy and success. We expect that modern IT teams will continue aligning with the business, spending less time firefighting and worrying about playing catchup.

Check out our latest infographic to learn more about the behaviors and priorities of modern IT teams practicing ITSM.

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Although my life in IT is behind me, it's not too far away. I'm now a recovering systems administrator evangelizing the way teams work by using Jira Service Desk. I've found a love of combining customer service with technology. Tweet me @NikkiHNguyen