What is ITSM?

IT service management (ITSM) is simply how you manage the delivery of end-to-end IT services to your customers based on best practices. One of the most commonly adopted best practice frameworks for ITSM is ITIL or IT Infrastructure Library.  

What is the difference between ITSM and ITIL? The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of practices for ITSM that focuses on aligning IT services with business needs. ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to ITSM and can help IT organizations realize business change, transformation, and growth.

How to take your ITSM to the next level

We’re obsessed with learning everything we can about IT teams and how they can work better together. Check out ITSM best practices, advice, guides, and all the resources you need to set your team up for success. 


Best practices for service request management

Get tips & tricks on ITSM - IT Service Management. Learn the basics of service request management, fulfillment and approval processes.

4 musts for successful IT metrics and reporting

IT teams measure so much, it’s easy to lose focus. We share how to set the right goals from the start — and get far better results. Learn about successful IT reporting and measurement.

Transform service desk with ITSM and automation

VIDEO: Are you interested to find out how to transform your service desk into a lean, mean ITSM machine? Or how to create macros and templates to automate repetitive tasks so agents can focus on solving the hard stuff? Or how to automate on

An introduction to incident management

Top IT experts share their tricks for finding and resolving incidents faster, and preventing them altogether. Read on in our incident management series.

Expert tips for better incident management

Top IT experts share their tricks for finding and resolving incidents faster, and preventing them altogether. Read on in our incident management series.

Nailing the incident management process

Starting or scaling a service desk practice? Don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn the best way to handle incidents with these proven processes.

How to make problem management work

VIDEO: Hear from IT veteran John Custy as he introduces key problem management concepts, dispels a few misconceptions & explains different methodologies.

Taking the problems out of problem management

Finding the root cause is part of effective Problem Management. Learn how to prevent problems altogether with these 4 expert tips. Read on.

How to use Jira for IT change management

VIDEO: Learn how the Electric Reliability Council of Texas replaced multiple tools with a complete IT change management system running on Jira.

Make lean change management possible

Learn the Atlassian approach lean change management and how to implement it in your IT organization.

Intro to IT asset management

Still using spreadsheets? Read our intro to IT asset management and learn about different options for managing IT assets.

IT Help Desk vs. Service Desk vs. ITSM - what's different

What's the difference between help desk, service desk, and ITSM? Find out why it matters how you describe your IT support.

IT Help Desk vs. Service Desk vs. ITSM - Part 2

Understanding the differences between ITSM, ITSSM, service desk, and help desk.

Why help desk and help desk software?

What is a help desk? Everything you need to know about help desk: types of help desks, reasons why a company needs a help desk, and who's who on help desk

ITSM Practices for the Modern IT Team

Learn how best-of-breed IT teams operate in the modern workplace. From self-help, automation, DevOps, self-healing technology and continuous integration, we'll cover a new way of thinking about classic ITSM, where innovation and customer sa

Why first-call resolution (FCR) matters

Many IT teams measure first call resolution (FCR) religiously. Should you? Dive further into what FCR actually means, and how to use it more effectively.

The new shape of modern IT teams

We recently conducted a survey of over 600 IT professionals to see the behaviors and priorities of modern IT teams practicing ITSM.

How Atlassian does legendary customer service

VIDEO: Learn how Atlassian does legendary external customer service and reduced support tickets by 34%

How Atlassian does legendary internal support

VIDEO: Learn how Atlassian does internal support and solves 50% of tickets through chat instead of email

How Atlassian Delivers Legendary Service Outside of IT

VIDEO: Learn how Atlassian has set up 50+ service desks across the business, and saved internal business teams over thousands of hours a year

Summit 2015 IT keynote: Atlassian for IT teams

VIDEO: IT is under pressure to go beyond just fixing incidents to enabling teams across the business to be their best. Hear from Didier Moretti, General Manager of Confluence and Jira Service Desk at Atlassian, on how we are helping IT inno

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