If your company has adopted agile development, you’ve probably noticed that the more teams you add and the larger your organization grows, the harder it is to get visibility across all of those teams and their projects. For teams using Jira Software, an agile portfolio management tool like Portfolio for Jira can help you make sense of what’s going on. However, customers often ask us “hey, we’re using Jira Software and want to know where Portfolio for Jira fits” — so we threw together a quick diagram to show you how they work together.

Agile from end-to-end

Teams are the foundation of agile software development and Jira Software is where the granular, every-day work of individual teams is managed. Business strategy, on the other hand, is defined at the portfolio level. Executives set strategic themes and initiatives to ensure all teams are moving in the same direction. This all happens in Portfolio for Jira, where you can roll up multiple teams and projects into one portfolio-level view.

Using both Jira Software and Portfolio for Jira, teams can see whether the day-to-day work they’re doing maps directly to the company’s overall strategy. Here’s how they work together:


Now it’s time for you to give it a go with your teams work! When using Portfolio for Jira live plans, you can create a Portfolio plan from your existing data in Jira Software, and it’ll be always up to date. By following the set-up wizard, you’ll have a portfolio plan ready to go in under a minute – just connect to your boards and projects from Jira Software, select your relevant releases, add your teams, and confirm your scope. Voila! You have a live portfolio plan.

Happy planning! 🙂


Real-time planning is just the beginning. Check out the Portfolio for Jira tour to see how it can also help your team track projects and report on them.

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