With over 6 million members, Gilt is one of the hottest e-commerce sites on the planet. At noon every day it provides a flash sale of today’s top designer labels at up to 60% off retail. “At Gilt, every day is Black Friday,” says lead engineer Yoni Goldberg.

Seconds after announcing a new sale, site traffic and transactions hurtle astronomically. Every employee and every team from development to distribution centers must be ready for the spike. It takes an agile, collaborative effort, spanning hundreds of employees from Dublin to Manhattan, to ensure a smooth and reliable customer experience.

Enter: Jira and Jira Agile.

“Regardless of what team you’re on, what type of work you’re doing, or which office you’re in, Jira and Jira Agile keep everyone on the same page.”

Gilt relies on Jira and Jira Agile for its agile project management program that spans across the entire organization to:

· Increase visibility of work so that every team, both local and distributed, has a single source of truth
· Provide endless flexibility that adapts to the needs of every team in order to streamline workflows and processes
· Keep everyone in sync by leveraging Jira’s Hipchat integration to facilitate seamless, real-time communication, and collaboration

Gilt’s end result is higher quality software being delivered faster than ever before through a unique agile culture powered by Jira, Jira Agile, and Hipchat, but designed and implemented by Gilt.

Learn more about Gilt and how they use Jira, Jira Agile, and Hipchat to provide over 6 million customers Black Friday every single day of the year.

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