DevOps Downunder

When: Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of May
Where: Atlassian HQ, 173-185 Sussex St
Who: “Devops” is a movement of like-minded sysadmins and developers interested in bridging the artificial gap between our camps. It’s impossible for sysadmins to do their job without reading or writing code, and developers need intimate systems knowledge to scale their software.
Cost: $50 register here
Website: Devops Downunder

Groovy-Sydney: Peter Bell – Practical DSL Design

When: Tuesday 4th May, 6:00pm, for beer and pizza,Talk starts 6:30pm
Where: Atlassian HQ, 173-185 Sussex St
Who: Peter Bell will be talking about Practical DSL Design in Groovy.
Summary: What are some practical uses for Domain Specific Languages? And how do you go about designing DSLs, implementing them in Groovy, creating tests for your models and evolving the structure of the languages over time? In this fast paced session we’ll look at a real world Groovy DSL, how it was designed and implemented, the testing strategies employed and the options for evolving the structure (grammar) of the DSL. If you’ve built DSLs but want to go further, or if you’ve still not figured out how a DSL might help you to build better, more maintainable apps more quickly and easily, come along and learn more about creating practical, maintainable DSLs for your projects.
Cost: free, beer and pizza will be provided
RSVP: here

Sydney Atlassian User Group

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When: Thurday 6th May, 5:30pm – 8pm
Where: Atlassian HQ, 173-185 Sussex St
Cost: free, bbq and drinks will be provided
RSVP: and agenda

SJUG – Ehcache founder Greg Luck: making apps scale with Ehcache 2.0/Hibernate 3.3

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When: 6:00pm for 6:30 start, Thursday, 13th May
Where: Atlassian HQ, 173-185 Sussex St
Who: Greg Luck will walk through the Spring Pet Clinic as an application example and show you how to tune it for maximum performance, both when using HIbernate and when caching result sets directly. Tips and tricks for tuning Hibernate will be covered along with the details of the new Hibernate 3.3/3.5 Caching Service Provider Interface and the new Ehcache implementation.
Cost: free (we’re sponsoring beer and pizza on the night, as usual)
Website: and RSVP

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