Providing great IT support can sometimes feel like a long, uphill climb. You need to have a clear plan of action, make sure you have the right gear in place, and of course, be confident you’re leading your team in the right direction.

To help you along in your support adventure, we’ve developed an interactive IT benchmarking quiz that’ll help you see how your IT team stacks up across productivity, maturity, and customer satisfaction. We’ll compare your team’s results against industry data and data collected by Atlassian from over 9,000 Jira Service Desk Cloud customers in August 2016. And, we’ve provided some handy resources to help you climb that mountain as a team together.

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Fast facts:


Fact: On average there are just 2.8 IT support agents per 100 end users!

Source: Jeff Rumburg, “Metric of the Month: Tickets per User per Month” (HDI)



Fact: Only 5% of help desk managers use automation to its fullest capacity.

Source: RightStar Systems Survey


Customer Satisfaction

Fact: 23.7% of organizations collect customer satisfaction data monthly

Source: 2015 Desktop Support Practices & Salary Report (HDI)


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