We’ve released Crowd 1.6 today! This release has some great stuff in it: smarter caching, quicker setup for integrating Atlassian applications, three new connectors for OpenDS, Fedora DS and OpenLDAP, and more.
What is Atlassian Crowd?
For those new to the product, Crowd is a single sign-on and identity management product. In a market crowded (pun intended) with products that cost an arm and a leg, are impossible to configure and difficult to extend, Atlassian Crowd stands apart. It’s affordable, comes with pre-built connectors for dozens of directory servers, and integrates on-premises and Internet applications through pre-built support for OpenID and GoogleApps. Crowd also provides a rich set of extensibility points for developers and partners to add custom user directories and integrate custom applications.
What’s new in Crowd 1.6?
If you want the complete skinny on Crowd 1.6, check out the release note. Highlights of this release include:

Smarter Caching
Crowd 1.6 provides a new LDAP caching system that improves the performance for deployments with large user populations or running on slow machines. Customers that have geographically distributed deployments or thousands of users will notice improvements in performance with this release. There’s a great overview of caching in Crowd in the Crowd documentation.
Quick Application Setup
Crowd can centralise user management for all your existing enterprise applications, and serves that role as well for Atlassian products. Crowd 1.6 makes it even easier to connect Atlassian applications like Jira, Confluence, Fisheye, Crucible and Bamboo to Crowd through a setup wizard within the administration console.
Connectors, connectors, connectors
Crowd 1.6 expands its growing list of pre-built directory and application connectors with three new directory connectors for OpenDS, Fedora DS and OpenLDAP.

Crowd launch webinar and Appfire case study
If you missed the Crowd 1.6 overview webinar this week, we’ve included the replay below. The webinar featured a good overview of Crowd and the new 1.6 release, as well as an excellent presentation by Atlassian partner Appfire on how they’ve extended Crowd to become a universal user management system and admin console for one of their customers.

Again, for more detail, read the release notes, or better yet, just download Crowd and give it a try.

Introducing Crowd 1.6