Atlassian is pleased to announce the release of Jira Studio 1.5! The release features an upgrade to Confluence 2.10, improvements to searching, the ability to close issues via Subversion commit logs, and more!

Upgrade to Confluence 2.10

The Confluence team recently released version 2.10 and we’ve updated Jira Studio’s Wiki to that release. With the Office Connector, a part of Confluence 2.10, you can view, import and embed Office documents directly in your Wiki pages. And the new widgets macro makes it easy to embed multi-media content from other web sites. Full details are in the Confluence 2.10 Release Notes.

Search Improvements

We’ve added QuickNav, which displays relevant search results right below the search box as you type. As soon as you see the result your interested in, just move down and select it.

Close issues via Subversion commit messages

We’ve tightened the integration between Subversion and Jira, allowing you to close a Jira issue the same time as you commit a change. In the Subversion commit log, simply refer to the Jira issue ID and include one of the new Action Commands. You can log time against an issue, add an issue comment, or move the issue through it’s workflow, all from the Commit log!

Balsamiq Mockups for Confluence

Here at Atlassian, we use Balsamiq Mockups a lot. It’s a great tool for creating quick, meaningful screen mockups, perfect for those times when a picture really does replace a thousand words. With this release of Jira Studio, we’ve added support for Balsamiq for Confluence, so you can see for yourself. Read all about Balsamiq at the Balsamiq Plugin Page and get the details on how to add Balsamiq to you Jira Studio instance on the Plugin Policy page

And More!

Full details on this release of Jira Studio are available at the 1.5 Release Notes.
And, please, let us know what you think.

Announcing Jira Studio 1.5