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The benefits of knowledge-centered support

There are both quantifiable and qualitative benefits to adopting knowledge-centered support (KCS). Companies who have implemented KCS report dramatic improvements in operating costs, incident/request resolution, customer satisfaction, job satisfaction, and significant reduction in training times.

Learn from IT service management expert John Custy as he talks about why KCS is so effective, and the difference it can make for you and your teammates. 

Q & A

Q: How do you curate the knowledge to clean up stale content?

A: If using KCS practices, curation occurs each time someone 'touches' an article. Stale articles can be archived if needed, but since they don't show up on searched, the only reason to achieve would be performance or obsolete. Even if an article isn't used, the content could be useful at some point if a 'similar' issue arises.

Q: Are there plug-ins you recommend for KCS in Confluence and Jira?

A: Yep. Confluence Questions was made for just this sort of thing. 

About the author

Caroline Clark

Product Marketing Manager, Jira Service Desk

Caroline Clark is a Product Marketing Manager at Atlassian. She has been doing product marketing within the enterprise collaboration software space for about three years. During working hours she's passionate about learning and promoting how customers use Atlassian's tools (especially Jira Service Desk), both through interviewing customers and writing content. She grew up in New York City and currently lives in San Francisco. In her free time you can find her reading non fiction or attempting a new recipe. Tweet at Caroline: @carolinedclark

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