Forrester recently released their second annual analyst evaluation of the growing enterprise service management (ESM) landscape in which they evaluated 15 vendors across 23 criterion, and we’re delighted that Forrester has again recognized Atlassian as a strong performer with increased market presence, and the highest ranked vendor in ESM strategy.

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Enterprise service management is more than just a service portal for internal teams. For organizations going through digital transformation, ESM is the next wave of delivering end-to-end value. By extending ITSM processes and tools across an enterprise to all teams, ESM can help remove organizational silos and define operational practices for internal teams and customers alike. This year, Forrester reported, “customers are looking to increasingly leverage self-service options, speed up service delivery, and enhance their own ITSM capabilities to meet the challenges of the changing technology landscape.”

Atlassian’s approach to enterprise service management

More and more teams outside of IT are asking for and providing a slew of services. These requests require attention, and often involve invisible, unrecognized work. We’ve talked to many organizations that have patched together solutions using email alongside ERP systems, resulting in a disappointing experience, especially as apps and other technologies have raised our standards of service. Employees want experiences that reduce confusion, address their needs quickly, and help them get work done.

To address this challenge, Atlassian has built software that helps teams deliver outstanding employee experiences, enabling teams to get more done, faster. Our products are designed to work together seamlessly for a truly collaborative approach to service. According Forrester’s Total Economic Impact of Atlassian for ITSM, customers using Atlassian reported improved collaboration and communication between dev and IT teams due to the seamless integration of Jira Service Desk with Jira Software.

And for those outside of IT and development, Forrester found that Jira Service Desk spread like wildfire to teams like HR, Facilities, and Procurement. These non-technical teams were able to spin up new service portals and adopt ESM practices to manage their service requests. Customers reported that transparent and cost-efficient pricing, combined with codeless setup and easy-to-configure forms, workflows, and reporting, made the decision to adopt Jira Service Desk a no-brainer.

Our commitment to collaboration extends beyond the software we build as we work to unleash the potential of all teams. When it comes to helping individuals and teams get their best work done, we know that it’s more than just having the right tools. In addition to building teamwork software, we’ve developed the Atlassian Team Playbook, which provides industry best practices, assessments, and plays for unleashing your IT and other service team’s potential.

Connecting ESM and DevOps

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At Atlassian, we continue to see that software is indeed eating the world, and that every company is striving to think and operate with the urgency of a digital business. The rise of DevOps has softened what used to be a hard divide between Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) and development teams. Now more than ever, I&O must enable development teams to be more agile and accelerate software and service delivery, all while controlling costs and managing risk.

Forrester commended Atlassian for connecting ESM and DevOps and helping organizations build a comprehensive digital product pipeline, including planning, collaboration, task, and product development (Jira Software and Trello); continuous delivery (Bitbucket); knowledge management (Confluence); and operations (Opsgenie and Statuspage).

Our primary ESM offering, Jira Service Desk, is central to this strategy. It connects seamlessly with all of the above products and helps teams deliver business value. For instance, Jira Service Desk integrates with Jira Software and Bitbucket to speed changes through to releases. And the combination of Jira Service Desk, Opsgenie, Statuspage, and Jira Software helps companies with best-in-class incident management.

Many of our Jira Service Desk customers have adopted it for enterprise service management. For example, Lucid Motors, a luxury electric vehicle brand, has 15 Jira Service Desk projects for teams like Manufacturing, Battery, and more. AppDynamics, a provider of application performance monitoring, supported their growth, onboarding over 700 new employees in one year with Jira Service Desk.

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As Forrester notes, the enterprise service management landscape is evolving and customers are looking to expand their usage and maturity of ITSM practices to provide service to teams beyond IT. For more information on ESM, access to detailed product evaluations, and the Excel-based vendor comparison tool, check out the full report.

Atlassian’s strategy for enterprise service management leads the pack