How Atlassian Does DevOps

Learn how the Atlassian suite and its ecosystem of partners can provide the most effective way to practice DevOps and unleash the potential of your IT organization.

DevOps is a movement that drives the collaboration and communication between development and operations teams. It's not a tool or product. Rather, its #1 success factor is culture. The purpose? Faster innovation and better customer experiences.

From the "State of DevOps Report 2015", which surveyed 20,000 IT professionals, teams that practice DevOps have:

  • 30x more frequent deployments
  • 60x fewer failures
  • 60x higher change success rates
  • 160x faster recoveries

While DevOps isn't an all-in-one product, there are certainly tools that support better collaboration across teams. Join us in a webinar where you’ll be introduced to how Atlassian does DevOps, using our products to foster collaboration, stimulate innovation, accelerate releases and continuously improve quality.

With the Atlassian suite and its ecosystem of partners, we aim to provide the most effective way to practice DevOps and unleash the potential of your IT organization.

Join our webinar and learn how Atlassian:

  • Supports a collaborative DevOps environment with the Atlassian tool stack and its ecosystem.
  • Builds product and infrastructure.
  • Achieves continuous delivery with Bamboo, Bitbucket and Puppet.
  • Tracks incidents, problems and changes across development and IT teams with Jira Software and Jira Service Desk.
  • Monitors services proactively with Hipchat integrated with monitoring tools (New Relic, DataDog, Nagios, Splunk, and more).
  • Shares knowledge and post-incident reviews (PIR) in Confluence.
  • Gives developers a customer feedback loop with Jira Service Desk.

We will end with takeaways and how to make this happen for your organization.


Nick Wright

Service Operations Manager, Atlassian

My team and I make sure Atlassian's cloud applications and infrastructure are performing top notch, and I'm keen to share how we do it while scaling fast. I'm a Kiwi, but despite that linguistic handicap, I can still pronounce Fish and Chips. Outside of work, I'm either cycling, gaming, or hanging out with my wife and lovely little girl. 

Tanguy Crusson

Hipchat Product Manager, Atlassian

Tanguy is product manager for Hipchat at Atlassian, driving Hipchat Connect and the Ecosystem. In the past year, his team took Hipchat Connect from a concept on a whiteboard to a mature platform - with the first alpha shipping under 6 weeks. This was made possible by DevOps practices and Tanguy will walk you through that.

Michael Knight

Senior Support Engineer, Atlassian

I'm a Senior Support Engineer on Atlassian's build engineering team. After years of supporting Atlassian OnDemand users, I'm now helping developers run their builds and improving the build team's support processes. Find me on Twitter! @miknight