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Get our core products, connected out-of-the-box and ready to play with third-party tools. 

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Jira Software

Agile planning & issue tracking

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Code & CI/CD

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Alerting & incident response

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Documentation & wikis


Collaborate on code with your team

Get the context your team needs to ship better software with Bitbucket. Partners like Github and Gitlab also integrate with Jira, so devs and the business always stay in tune. 

Developer code tools
Bitbucket dashboard
Bitbucket issue view
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Build quality software as a team

With Bitbucket, spend less time on code reviews with an experience that makes it easier to identify changes and juggle multiple pull requests. Assign tasks or create Jira issues directly from your pull request.

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Minimize context switching during development

Bring contextual information right alongside your code with the Jira issues tab in Bitbucket. View and interact with Jira issues, add comments, view attachments, make edits, and more.

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Detect code issues without overhead

Ensure that your team is shipping secure software with Bitbucket’s branch permissions and enforced merge checks. Code Insights inside of Bitbucket automatically scans your code for vulnerabilities. 

Deploy faster and more reliably with CI/CD

Automate your code from test to production with Bitbucket Cloud’s built-in CI/CD tool, Bitbucket Pipelines, or choose one of our CI/CD partners like CircleCI or Jenkins.

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Pipeline pass security scan
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Alerts where you need them

CI/CD is built into Bitbucket, meaning teams can get alerts in context to make quick changes. Scanning and quality reports are in the code review experience, thanks to integrations with Mabl, Sentry, and Snyk.

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Smart change management

Bitbucket Pipelines integrates with Jira Service Management to enable speedy service delivery without compromising on risk. Deploying code creates a change request that is automatically routed for approval based on its risk.

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Simply powerful workflows

Bitbucket Pipelines makes building powerful, automated workflows as easy as writing a .yaml file. With dozens of pipes offered by vendors like AWS and Microsoft, integrate your CI/CD pipeline with the tools your team is already using.

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Mission control for your entire team

With Jira Software, get an agile planning tool that integrates with the rest of your software delivery lifecycle. Know what’s happening, when - no matter what tools your team does work in.

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Repositories in Jira Software
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Get visibility into development status

Jira issues are tied to development work seamlessly. View and create branches and pull requests and view commits right inside the Jira issue development panel.

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See code that is being worked on right within Jira

Automatically see which repositories your team works across - whether it’s Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket. Code in Jira helps gets you up to speed by showing the most recently active repositories. 

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Track when you’re shipping value to customers

With Deployments in Jira, the entire team can see the value you’re delivering to customers, which issues have been deployed where and when, and whether a build has passed or failed.

Documentation and knowledge sharing that’s open from the start

Keep everyone in the loop on design specs requirements, release notes, and more in Confluence.

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Confluence template: DevOps Runbook
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Hit the ground running

Get started with Confluence templates for DevOps practices like incident reports, sprint planning, and run books. Customize templates to standardize your team’s ways of working. 

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The right documentation is just a click away

Thanks to tight integrations with Jira and Slack, your team can easily transition between live-collaborating and planning, wherever they like to work.

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More transparency and traceability

Break down silos by giving visibility into your team’s progress with pages that are open by default. Smart links to Jira and Jira Service Desk also gives clear traceability.


Streamline incident management and response

Cut through the noise and take action to restore services during incidents. Instantly alert teams to critical issues and give them context to take action with Opsgenie.

Bitbucket + Opsgenie
Opsgenie deployments
Opsgenie scheduling
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Instantly troubleshoot problems

Opsgenie integrates with over 200 of the best monitoring, ITSM, ChatOps, and collaboration tools. Paired with a flexible rules engine, Opsgenie notifies the right people on-call, enabling them to take rapid action.

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Resolve code deployment issues faster

With the Incident Investigation Dashboard, find the deployment that happened right before the incident, add it as a potential cause, and contact the right developer so that they can roll back and resolve the incident.

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Take action in the post-incident process

Easily create Jira tickets from Opsgenie to address the underlying problems, define hotfixes and ensure that needed steps are documented and completed. Confluence templates make postmortems simple. 

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Automate tedious tasks across your software delivery life cycle

Keep your work in sync with development activity thanks to Jira’s native automation engine. Update Jira issues, send Slack/MS Teams messages and run any action you can dream of, using triggers like ‘When PR is merged’ or ‘When commit is created’.

That’s just the start with Atlassian Open DevOps

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Insights & Metrics

Track key metrics that help measure DevOps health, such as cycle time breakdown and deployment frequency. 

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Go from idea to active usage in a day. Customize our products however you like with our developer platform. 

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Custom filters

Create powerful filters using Jira Query Language (JQL) to get insights into your  development. 

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