Extend, customize, and build the DevOps stack of your dreams

No single vendor will ever deliver all the tools you need to do DevOps. However your team works, Open DevOps integrates with the tools you have now, and the new tools you’ll inevitably acquire in the future.

Atlassian's DevOps integrations

How Open DevOps integrations work

Jira Software tracks work across your toolchain and automatically updates Jira issues with contextualized information. Reduce time spent context-switching and increase time spent building great software.

Supported applications

Jira Software supports over 40 apps through our preferred partner program. These integrations have been built in close collaboration with our partners to meet rigorous user experience criteria.


Gain access to pre-released integrations in the Marketplace. Alternatively, find popular integrations built by Marketplace developers and loved by Jira Software users.

OAuth applications

For supported OAuth applications, use an Application Link to securely embed screens, functionalities, and information from your favorite tools directly into Jira Software.


Flexibility is core to Open DevOps. Can’t find an integration for your application? Use Jira Cloud platform’s RESTful APIs to build a custom integration with all your desired features.

Let’s get started

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