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A core tenet of Atlassian Open DevOps is allowing teams to integrate the tools they use and love into the Atlassian Open DevOps tool stack. Integrations exist for a plethora of tools including Snyk, Launch Darkly, Split, and CircleCI. However, some teams want to use tools that don't have a readily available integration. Other teams have homegrown tools they wish to integrate. Atlassian Developer addresses these concerns with APIs that let you integrate with Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence, OpsGenie, and more. Teams can use these APIs to build custom integrations with currently unsupported tools, or their own homegrown tools.

The following guides demonstrate how to integrate third-party tools with Atlassian Open DevOps using Atlassian’s REST APIs. Readers should first work through the Atlassian ImageLabeller guide prerequisites, Deploy ImageLabeller, and Monitor ImageLabeller sections before diving into this content.

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Integrating Concourse-ci and Open DevOps

Learn how to update Jira issues from Concourse-ci using Jira Software’s REST API

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