Atlassian + CircleCI integration

The world’s best software teams deliver quality code, confidently with CircleCI. As the largest continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) platform, CircleCI is the central hub where developers seamlessly take ideas to execution, at scale.

Atlassian + CircleCI
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View build + deploy status in Jira issues

With CircleCI and Jira, everyone on your team can see the build, test, and deploy status of your issues, without switching programs.

View build, test, and deploy status from Jira Software
Set up your Jira integration with CircleCI orbs

Easily connect Jira + CircleCI with a few lines of config

CircleCI orbs are reusable, open packages of configuration that allow you to integrate tools like Jira. Simply add the Jira orb to your config.yml file to set up the Jira integration.

Bitbucket Cloud

Seamless CI/CD integration with Bitbucket

CircleCI integrates seamlessly with Bitbucket to make your development workflow more efficient. It’s one of the only continuous integration and delivery platforms that integrates with your Atlassian Open DevOps solution of Bitbucket and Jira.

Circle CI continuous integration with Bitbucket

Opsgenie + CircleCI

Opsgenie has a specific API integration with CircleCI that sends build results to the Opsgenie API. Opsgenie detects CircleCI build failures and determines the right people to notify based on on-call schedules.

Opsgenie API integration with CircleCI

Why CircleCI and Atlassian?

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Better collaboration between teams

Connect CircleCI with Jira Cloud so everyone on your team can see the build, test, and deploy status of your issues, without switching programs. With better information sharing between tools in your delivery stack, you can improve visibility and cross-collaboration between teams.

Create Jira tickets directly from your jobs page in CircleCI

CircleCI for Jira makes it easy to assign new tasks and fixes based on build status.

Build deeper insight into your development pipeline with support for JQL

In addition to providing better collaboration, these integrations also give your team deeper insight into the development pipeline from within Jira. You can now create powerful views into your delivery pipeline with JQL queries across multiple connected tools.


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Quick Start Guide: Jira orb

This Orb reports the status of builds and deployments in CircleCI Projects to your Jira Cloud instance.

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Blog: CircleCI + Jira

Read about some common use cases for the CircleCI and Jira integration.

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Docs: Connecting Jira with CircleCI Doc

With the CircleCI Jira plugin, you can display your build statuses directly in Jira.

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