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Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment (CI/CD) are foundational for successful DevOps practices. CI/CD focuses on building a streamlined, automated software release process. Teams practicing CI/CD gather continuous feedback by releasing software to the end user as quickly as possible, learning from users' experiences, and incorporating those insights into future releases.

To do this, teams need reliable processes, version control, and automation. Tools and practices enable teams to continuously improve and release better software, faster.

Improve your DevOps practices with CI/CD.

Covered in this section

JFrog and Jira Software

Track progress of bugs and features in your software builds in Jira.

Integrate Harness Drone with Jira

See runtime information regarding deployed tickets.

Gitlab deployments in Jira

Learn how to leverage integrated issues and deployments when you connect GitLab and Jira.

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