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IT support teams talk to users day-in and day-out. But is user feedback making its way back to development? 

We sought to find out if IT support and development teams were actually collaborating. So Atlassian commissioned an excusive, never-been-done-before research brief with HDI, the largest association for technical support professionals with 150,000 members. Find out how IT support fits into DevOps in the infographic (click for full-size):

40% of IT support professionals don't know what #DevOps is. Let's change that.

Download the PDF here!

Want to dig into the details? Check out the detailed research report here.

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Sarah Khogyani

Product Marketing Manager, JIRA Service Desk

I've been championing IT software for three years and honing an expertise in knowledge management because I'm passionate about helping people effectively use knowledge to be more productive. I graduated from Cal Berkeley and am a California native. Go Bears! Find me on Twitter: @sarahzora


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