More and more businesses today are differentiating on customer service. Companies like Airbnb have hundreds of support agents ready on the phone, email and chat to make the home sharing process seamless for users. The easier you make it for your customers to do business with you, the more likely they are to buy your products or services, and better yet – tell their friends. Support may not always be the most glamorous part of your relationship with customers, but it might just be the most important one.

We recently released new features in Jira Service Desk Cloud to help you improve the support experience for your customers. Let’s dive in.

Embedded portal for help when your customers need it

We’re excited to launch our embedded portal capability for Jira Service Desk Cloud that lets your customers raise a request from any page on your website, or in your product. When a customer has an issue, they typically want help then and there. Forcing them to navigate away to a help menu or worse, out of your product and into a different part of your website, is far from ideal. Providing help in-context with what the customer is already trying to do is not only a better experience for them, but also gives you the best chance that they’ll be able to finish the task at hand.

With the embedded portal we’ve tried to embed help as close to the customer action as possible, in the easiest way possible. In the example below, the embedded portal can be easily accessed by the icon in the lower right of the web page, in a color palette that blends with your website or app. This is as simple as embedding a snippet of javascript onto the page you want to provide help.

Homepage with embedded portal

But to make it a truly embedded portal, we added the self-service knowledge base. What your customers really want is an answer to their question then and there so they can keep doing what they set out to do. And with a strong knowledge base as your first line of support, you’re now in a position to do exactly that. When the icon is expanded, customers get a search bar to ask their question, which surfaces the relevant knowledge articles related to their search.

Embedded pop-up

At this point, if they can find the answer the need, they can get back to working with your product or your website. In the case where they can’t find the answer, they can easily submit a request with your support staff just as they would from the Jira Service Desk portal.

Portal Knowledge Base

Once the request is complete, it goes into your agent’s queue just like any other request.


A branded portal for a better service experience

Your customer portal is the face of your support team and you want to make it as easy and pleasing as possible for your customer to get help. In the latest version of Jira Service Desk Cloud, we’ve extended the ways in which you can customize the portal, all through a point-and-click interface and no code. You can now add a large cover photo that appears on the help center and choose theme colors for both the help center as well as individual service desks if you have more than one. Every touchpoint you have with your customer matters, including your help desk. Update your portal branding today and make it your own.

Help Center Portal

Admins can add a custom banner for the Help Center and choose color schemes for the portals

customize portal name, welcome message, and logo


Customer service interactions just got smarter with CRM for Jira Cloud

Context is everything when your support team is talking to a customer. The support agent fielding the email or call is going to want more information about the person who raised the issue, such as what account they belong to, and their past interactions. That’s information typically stored in your CRM system. The new CRM for Jira Cloud app lets you easily view CRM data about your customers right from the Jira Service Desk agent interface. We’ve built CRM integrations for, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics.

crm in app

Agents can now easily tie customer information from Salesforce to Jira Software issues

crm in jira service desk

CRM for Jira Cloud lets Jira Service Desk agents view rich customer data right from their issue resolution screen

CRM settings

Get started quickly by simply connecting your Jira Cloud instance to Salesforce

We hope these new features will help you do customer service like a total pro. As always we’d love your feedback as we continue to build in new features to Jira Service Desk Cloud.

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Delightful customer service: what’s new in Jira Service Desk Cloud