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Intelligent collaboration, built into Atlassian’s platform

Teams have greater success and impact when they work together.

Atlassian’s platform powers intuitive collaboration experiences to keep your teams connected and aligned.

Discover the benefits

Learn how our platform’s collaboration capabilities improve teamwork.

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Accelerate collaboration

Share work, discuss ideas, and keep work moving between people and teams. Atlassian's platform makes collaboration interactions simple and intuitive – reducing cycles and helping you move faster.

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Gain the right context

Get the full picture across your various tools. Our platform facilitates connected and intuitive experiences between tools, so you can obtain the context you need in fewer places.

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Facilitate alignment

Ensure everyone is in the loop and working cohesively. Our products automatically surface relevant work and content, so knowledge flows and everyone stays on top of what's going on.

Explore the capabilities

See how our platform powers collaboration across our products.

Smart mentions

Machine learning enables smart mentions to suggest the right people and teams to bring into the conversation.

Smart mentions
Smart links

Smart links

Smart links pull in rich previews of work from other products so you can collaborate, in place. 

Smart search

Find the information you care about, fast. From pages to blogs, tickets, and more – our search engines leverage data about how you work to provide personalized results, across all of our products. 

Smart search

Additional capabilities

Team profiles

Engage with people and teams across your business.

People directory

A comprehensive directory of people in your organization.


Easily share pages, tickets, files, and more – with anyone. 

Rich editor

Create engaging content, effortlessly.

Activity feed

Track what’s happening across your business.

Smart notifications

Get notified about relevant work.

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