Gain a competitive edge with powerful automation

Replace manual, time-consuming work with modern processes and workflows.

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Streamline workflows and supercharge your processes

Automation across the Atlassian ecosystem empowers your teams to focus on the strategic parts of their jobs.

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Remove bottlenecks

Why choose slow, tedious tasks when technology can do it for you? Our platform kicks off your defined workflows even while you’re sleeping.

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Scale your operations

A technology-driven process will scale beyond any manual one. Leverage automation to better support the growth of your business.

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Enhance productivity

You’ll save countless hours of work in the minutes it takes to set up an automation rule. That means more time for the things that bring greater value to your organization.

Explore automation capabilities

See how our platform enables cross-product workflows.

Cross-product workflows

While our automation capabilities work seamlessly across Atlassian products, they also easily integrate with your existing, best-of-breed tools.

Cross-product workflows
Low-code and no-code solutions

Low-code and no-code solutions

Configure powerful custom automation rules with a visual rule builder. No coding skills required.

Automation template libraries

Our template libraries offer dozens of best-practice automation rules and processes for Atlassian products.

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"We estimate my team alone is saving over 150 hours each month through Jira automation."

Jeff Lai
Internal Infrastructure, Canva
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“We estimate my team alone is saving over 150 hours each month through Jira automation.”

Jeff Lai
Internal Infrastructure, Canva

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