Legal service management template

Effortlessly create, track and manage your contracts through the review cycle to resolution.

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The legal service management template is designed to help streamline stakeholder management by allowing you to manage your contracts in one place. Easily transition through stages of the contract cycle using legal request types and workflows, or customize them to create a new template for your team’s legal processes.

Legal service management template

Jira Service Management
Ideal for

• Legal teams

Request types

• Questions for legal
• Request a contract review
• Emailed request

How to get started with the legal service management template

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1. Collaborate with ease

Manage employee legal requests in one central location. Your internal service desk makes it easier for employees to submit requests and for your team to manage them.

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2. Keep contracts moving smoothly

Create clear end-to-end workflows to track contract review requests, and modify them to suit your team’s unique systems and processes. Easily see how close a contract is to resolution with clear workflow statuses and notifications.

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3. Resolve requests faster

Create automated approvals for simple tasks like issuing standard notices and sending letters that don’t require human intervention.

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