We’re delighted to announce Atlassian has acquired AirTrack, maker of leading IT data quality management technology. This acquisition builds on Atlassian’s previous investments designed to help enterprises take a comprehensive approach to asset and configuration management. The combined offering – AirTrack + Jira Service Management – will enable enterprises to better account for and track all critical assets within their organizations, minimizing operational risks, costs, and attack surfaces.

Bringing all assets into focus

The explosion of digital products and services, edge, and IoT devices has made asset and configuration management incredibly complex for today’s enterprise. In today’s cost-conscious environment, companies are under pressure to understand what assets they have and how they get used, so they have visibility into the cost of delivering products and services to their customers.

Now, more than ever, IT teams require a complete and accurate picture of all their assets, services, and other important data. But multiple “sources of truth” make it challenging to bring this picture into focus. According to Gartner®, “Through 2024, 99% of organizations using CMDB [configuration management database] tooling that do not confront configuration item data quality gaps will experience visible business disruptions.” 1

Enter AirTrack. Based in Melbourne (we love a good Aussie origin story), AirTrack helps enterprises gather, aggregate, and analyze multiple sources of data used across IT, making it easier to pinpoint and remediate issues. AirTrack helps customers get to that elusive “single source of truth” vision, by continually monitoring their environment to ensure their data is complete, current, and correct across the enterprise.

AirTrack + Jira Service Management = comprehensive asset management

Adding AirTrack to the Atlassian platform will accelerate our mission to unlock high-velocity service management for teams across development, IT, and the broader business. AirTrack, combined with Jira Service Management, will help enterprises manage all critical assets with:

  • 30+ out-of-the-box data connectors. IT Operations teams will be able to aggregate and cleanse data from multiple asset discovery tools, databases, and component parts, across their organizations’ entire IT landscape. AirTrack will help enterprises improve coverage and data quality – without forcing them to standardize on a single discovery tool. It will also allow teams to spin up new connectors fast.
  • Rapid data reconciliation. The combined solution will quickly surface inaccuracies across different systems of record, pinpoint potential issues, and fast-track remediation. Examples of problems tackled include: identifying missing service dependencies that impact incident resolution or the total cost of ownership reporting, uncovering devices not scanned by security toolsets that could increase attack exposure, discovering machines not managed by endpoint management solutions resulting in vulnerabilities not patched, and finding inventory gaps resulting in license compliance exposure.
  • An accurate picture of all service dependencies across Dev and IT. AirTrack, together with Jira Service Management, and Compass, will provide teams greater visibility into both the infrastructure that supports critical services and relevant information from development tools about the engineering components these critical business applications and services depend on – for smarter, safer changes and faster responses to incidents.
  • Data beyond IT. Increasingly, enterprises are being asked to account for all assets that are critical to their business – from tractors to team members. The AirTrack acquisition builds on Atlassian’s ability to help enterprises rethink asset management beyond traditional IT use cases. It lets enterprises aggregate information related to a broad array of assets, so they can address a wider range of challenges around security and compliance, inventory and billing, forecasting and planning, and much more.

Our mission: high-velocity service management for all

In recent years, Atlassian has doubled down on the ITSM space. Today, Jira Service Management unlocks high-velocity service delivery for nearly 50,000 customers around the world, making it the fastest-growing solution in the market.

AirTrack builds on Atlassian’s previous investments in service management, including Opsgenie for alerting and on-call management, Code Barrel for automation, Mindville Insight for asset and configuration management, ThinkTilt for low-code/no-code forms, Halp for conversational ticketing, and Percept.ai for cutting-edge AI capabilities.

In addition, we continue to deepen our capabilities that help development and operations teams build and ship digital products and services at high velocity. Our recent innovations in AI-powered service management will also help enterprises deliver exceptional service even faster and, more importantly, at scale.

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  1. Gartner, 3 Steps to Improve IT Service View CMDB Data Quality, Roger Williams, Kenneth Gonzalez, Refreshed 7 April 2022, Published 9 December 2020

GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved

AirTrack, maker of leading IT data quality management technology, joins the Atlassian family