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We’re excited to share that the Trello blog is moving into a new phase of teamwork storytelling—we’re officially moving to...

Enterprises spend significant time, effort, and money on the strategic planning process. And yet, an overwhelming number of business strategies fail. 

Trello is an amazing tool, and I’ve often been called the “Number One Trello fan,” but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, nor does it do everything I’ve ever wanted right out of the box.

Work shouldn’t slow down because you need to jump from one tool to another. Constantly breaking your focus leads to context switching, lost productivity, and tons of distractions.

It's finally here! Trello is officially equipped with a dark mode theme so your productivity can now be, ehm, illuminated, in any brightness setting of your choosing.

Summarized from the Team ‘23 session: “Ongoing Onboarding with Trello and Confluence”.