Free Workspaces in Trello will soon be limited to 10 collaborators. “Collaborators” include Workspace members, guests, and pending invitations. This limit is consistent with those currently in place for the free editions of other Atlassian products.

To give teams more time to adjust to this change, we’ll be rolling out the limit in two stages:

  • Starting April 8, 2024: If your free Trello Workspace already has 10 or more collaborators, you won’t be able to add new collaborators to the Workspace, unless you upgrade your plan or reduce the number of collaborators to below the limit.
  • Starting May 20, 2024: If your free Trello Workspace has more than 10 collaborators, the boards in this Workspace will become view-only. You’ll be able to see all the boards in the Workspace but won’t be able to make changes, unless you upgrade your plan or reduce the number of collaborators to below the limit.

If you’d like to remain on the free edition of Trello but are over the 10 collaborator limit, please head over to this support page to learn how to remove some collaborators from your Workspace.

If you want to keep or add more than 10 collaborators to a Trello Workspace, you can upgrade to one of our paid plans. You can compare the features of our Trello plans to see which one may be right for your teams here. We’re also continuing to offer discounts for Education and Non-Profit customers, which you can learn more about here.

Trello remains deeply committed to providing a valuable, robust tool that helps millions of teams around the world achieve great work. We appreciate every fan and loyal user who continues to trust Trello as their go-to productivity tool to track to-do lists, plan events, manage work tasks, collaborate with teammates, and create social change for good.

For more information about the new Workspace limits in Trello’s free edition and to find out how many how many collaborators you currently have in your Workspace, please visit this FAQ page on the Trello Support Center and our Trello Community.

Update on Collaborator Limit for Free Trello Workspaces