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You might not think that a DevOps team at an agriculture supplier and an HR team in the fitness industry would have much in common. They have different areas of expertise, serve different customers, and pursue different priorities. But they’re both among the fast-growing number of teams who rely on messaging apps like Slack to communicate and get work done. And because Slack is the backbone of their collaboration culture, the more they can stay in the app instead of switching over to email or other tools, the more they can stay in a state of flow. No context-switching, no prompts to log in, and for their IT teams, no extra maintenance burden.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce today that we’re adding Halp to the Atlassian family. Halp represents a new class of applications that are fundamentally changing how teams work. As real-time messaging becomes more prevalent in the workplace, companies are looking for solutions that are embedded within the team messaging tools they’ve already invested in.

Halp turns Slack into an internal help desk solution that works for any team that fields questions via workplace messaging – like IT, Security, Legal, Finance, and Support, just to name a few. Once you add Halp to your Slack workspace, you can use a simple emoji reaction to turn any message into a ticket that tracks the progress and outcomes of inbound requests. It’s an easy, lightweight way to manage requests that gives users the option to configure a custom workflow underneath it, or simply use the default. Either way, Halp ensures requests are routed correctly and facilitates prompt resolution right there in Slack.

“We’re thrilled to hear that our strategic partner Atlassian is acquiring Halp,” says Brad Armstrong, VP, Business Development & Corporate Development at Slack. “With its messaging-first approach to support ticketing, Halp is an outstanding tool for any team already collaborating in Slack channels. We see enormous opportunities in building this business together with Atlassian.”

Screenshot of the Halp add-on for Slack.

For teams already using sophisticated ITSM solutions like Jira Service Desk, Halp integrates seamlessly so users can take advantage of the structured workflows they’ve already established, even if other teams in the organization prefer to use Halp on its own. It also offers two-way integration with Confluence, so teams can connect it with their knowledgebase. Halp makes sure that your support tool of choice is truly the system of record for the entire organization, while still allowing interactions to take place in the team messaging tool everybody uses every day.

The team that built Halp is off to a great start, and we’re excited to put the full power of Atlassian behind them as they continue their mission to make the world’s best messaging-native app for handling requests between teams. Existing Halp users can look forward to deeper (and new!) integrations with Jira and Confluence. We’re committed to supporting Microsoft Teams customers as well.

Messaging apps have already advanced the way teams work, and enhancements like Halp boost productivity even further. Internal operations teams at Adobe, Home Depot, GitHub, Slack, ClassPass, and thousands more use Halp every day. We invite your team to try Halp today and experience it for yourselves at

Special thanks to Sarah Goff-Dupont for her contributions to this article.

Announcing our acquisition of Halp