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Your team has a job to get done. Your customers expect efficiency and your business depends on it. JIRA Service Desk combines an intuitive user experience for your customers with powerful SLA support, customizable queues, automated request management, and real-time reporting.

All the productivity and power of JIRA, now in JIRA Service Desk

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Why JIRA Service Desk?

  • Advanced SLA
  • Powered by JIRA

Intuitive, user-friendly experience

Asking for help is easier than ever with the intuitive and clean interface of JIRA Service Desk's customer portal. Customers see exactly what they need – and nothing more.

IT teams get to speak in their language and customers get to speak in theirs. Finally – service request forms in plain language.

Advanced service level agreements

Behind every great service desk team, you'll find great service level agreements (SLAs) helping them to deliver consistent and awesome performance.

With JIRA Service Desk, you can set up advanced SLA metrics, report on performance in real-time, and drive your team forward with highly visible service level agreement targets.

Customizable queues

Ensure that everyone is always working on the right requests at the right time with queues powered by the amazingly flexible JIRA Query Language (JQL). Queues help your team to divide and conquer requests in real-time as they arrive.

Manual triage and prioritization of your requests is a thing of the past!

Powered by JIRA

Millions of developers around the world count on the power and extensibility of JIRA to manage their work. Now, IT and operations teams can stand on the shoulders of JIRA too! If you are one of the 22,000 companies already using JIRA, you'll be up and running on JIRA Service Desk with just a few clicks.

Choose the JIRA platform for your service desk management. Get your software teams and your operations teams together working in one system. One system to set up, one system to maintain, one system to learn.

Powerful SLA


Clear visibility of SLA priorities

JIRA Service Desk's powerful rules engine automatically applies service level agreement targets as requests enter the queue. Your team will service its customers with confidence knowing that SLA priorities are clearly visible for everyone working on requests.

Knowing what to do is great – knowing when it needs to be done is even better. SLA information is displayed both in queues and in issue details so service level agreements are always front of mind.

Simple creation of advanced SLA metrics

In just a few seconds, with even fewer clicks, you can set up advanced SLA metrics with complex start, pause, and stop criteria. Simply select the applicable events and your team is off and running with a great service level agreement behind them.

Define specific SLA targets easily. As you grow, you can even apply these rules to specific subsets of your issues using the powerful JIRA Query Language (JQL).

User experience


Intuitive and clean user interface

Before we ever started building JIRA Service Desk, we talked to our customers. They told us that, since every request starts with a customer, the request interface was one of the most important things to get perfect.

✓ Check.

The customer portal is intuitive and clean. Forms are easy to create, use natural language, and have clear and simple calls to action. Your customers get the help they need quickly and easily.

Self-service knowledge base from Confluence

Ensure service requests get resolved before even being submitted by adding Confluence to JIRA Service Desk. Confluence's powerful search capabilities are integrated directly into the request experience so your customers can easily find the solutions they need on their own.

Turn your service desk into a self-service desk – with a knowledge base built on Confluence.

Real-time performance


Real-time performance reporting

That which gets measured, gets improved. With JIRA Service Desk, you can assess progress and performance in real-time. Instantly increase visibility for your team.

Get JIRA Service Desk today and apply SLA metrics retroactively, even if you've already been servicing requests for a year or more. Improve your team's service immediately by recognizing the bottlenecks and trends of the past.

Automated triage

Teams spend too much of their precious time manually reviewing service requests in laborious triage meetings. Wouldn't it be great if you could automate the management of requests as they come in?

Now you can! With JIRA Service Desk, you can automate assignment of components and issue types, apply the appropriate SLAs, and put every issue in its correct spot in your team's queue. Unleash your team – so they can stick to solving real problems.

Out of the box, and then some

Trust us, we know that you're too busy to waste time starting from scratch. We made sure that JIRA Service Desk comes with the industry best practice reporting, out of the box.

But when you're ready to take your team to the next level with custom reports, you'll find that slicing and dicing your data is a snap. Whether you prefer the quick and easy JIRA filtering or the advanced power of the JIRA Query Language (JQL), you'll have the visibility you need in seconds.

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