Jira-native asset and configuration management

Insight offers visibility into dependencies so you can manage assets and configuration items (CIs), quickly troubleshoot incidents, and minimize the risk of changes.

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Meet Insight for Jira Service Management

Asset and configuration management for high-velocity ITSM

Unlike legacy CMDBs, Insight’s flexible and open data structure allows teams to manage any resources important to their service request, incident, and change management practices.

Unlock collaboration between dev and operations teams

Anticipate the downstream impact of changes, so your dev and ops teams can manage risk for more frequent, seamless deployments. When incidents do occur, Insight provides more context for rapid resolution.

Bring visibility to your systems

Discover and track assets to aid planning, audits, and compliance requirements. Gain complete visibility of your infrastructure to pinpoint and address underlying problems.

Empower all kinds of teams to deliver great service, fast

Understand customer needs and resolve requests rapidly by linking assets directly to issues. Whether IT, HR, legal, or another group, your teams can use Insight’s flexible data structure to manage any asset.

Insight CMDB features

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Automatically assign tickets to the responsible person or team and alert relevant stakeholders about upcoming events, like license renewals.

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Run queries on Insight objects to conduct audits, manage costs, and identify the cause of issues.

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Detect your IP-enabled assets and CIs and their key attributes and dependencies. Run Insight Discovery regularly to keep information updated and track any changes.

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Integrate Jira Service Management Data Center with third party tools including cloud providers, Jamf, SCCM, and other CMDBs.

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Import CSV and JSON files. In Jira Service Management Data Center import LDAP, database, and Jira users. Use the REST API for extensions.

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Review a thorough timeline of all changes to assets and CIs with a click of a button, so you can check compliance or identify a problem.


General Questions

Can Insight be used with Jira Software or Jira Work Management projects? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Yes. Insight objects can be linked to Jira Software or Jira Work Management issues as long as there’s an active Jira Service Management Premium or Enterprise license in the same instance.

Why switch from another CMDB/asset management tool? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Moving your CMDB into Jira Service Management would:

  • Streamline your work by having all ITSM (requests, incidents, changes, & problems) and CMDB information in one tool
  • Provide more context between assets & CI’s and incidents & changes so that your Dev and Ops teams can get to the root of the issue faster and manage risks for more seamless deployments
  • Reduce costs as other CMDB vendors are expensive

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Insight resources

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Getting started with Insight for Jira Service Management data center

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