Jira-native asset and configuration management

Assets in Jira Service Management offers visibility into dependencies so you can manage assets and configuration items (CIs), quickly troubleshoot incidents, and minimize the risk of changes.

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Meet Assets in Jira Service Management

The Place For Your Important Data

Unlike legacy databases, Assets in Jira Service Management offers a flexible and open data structure so teams can manage and connect critical resources to requests, incidents, changes, and more.

Track what matters

From hardware, software, and CIs to people, pianos, and fish (really), bring all your enterprise assets together in a flexible database. Pre-built templates help you get started fast.

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Connect assets to work

Link objects in Assets to support tickets, incident issues, change requests, and more. Improve visibility and accelerate work across all kinds of use cases in IT, HR, Facilities, and beyond.

Make better decisions

Have confidence in your data to aid planning, operations, audit, security, and compliance requirements. Ensure your data is complete, current, and correct.

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Asset and Configuration Management Features

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Say goodbye to tracking down owners or updating spreadsheets. Automate input from Jira issues so you can keep required info on your assets current.

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Run queries on objects in Assets to conduct audits, manage costs, and identify the cause of issues.


Get started fast with pre-defined schema templates to bring structure to your database for common use cases across IT, Facilities, HR, and more.

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Detect IP-enabled assets, extract info about key attributes and dependencies, and track any changes to stay up to date.

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Bring data into Assets via CSV, JSON, and Assets Discovery, use the REST API for data from external sources, or select from our marketplace of integrations.

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Analyze and report out on your data to monitor the health of your assets, summarize Jira issues related to assets, and improve decision-making.

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“Assets is very important to keep predictability and planning of software licenses and costs.”

Damir Prusac, VP of Engineering


General Questions

Can Assets be used with Jira projects? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Yes. Objects in Assets can be linked to Jira issues as long as there’s an active Jira Service Management Premium or Enterprise license in the same instance.

Why switch from another CMDB/asset management tool? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Moving your CMDB into Jira Service Management would:

  • Streamline your work by having all ITSM (requests, incidents, changes, & problems) and CMDB information in one tool
  • Provide more context between assets & CIs and incidents & changes so that your Dev and Ops teams can get to the root of the issue faster and manage risks for more seamless deployments
  • Reduce costs as other CMDB vendors are expensive
  • Increase flexibility to store whatever type of inventory, asset, or record - without the constraints or limits to just IT use cases.
Does Atlassian offer an asset discovery tool? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Yes, we offer basic discovery functionality to detect assets and CIs connected to your local network and extract detailed info about each asset.

We also offer integrations with leading discovery solutions like Device42 and Lansweeper to find and import devices into Jira Service Management.

How is data imported into Assets? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Importing data into Assets is a five step process.

  1. Prepare your data.
  2. Create an import structure (Discovery, CSV, JSON import, external import).
  3. Map your data (with auto or manual creation of object types and attributes)
  4. Enable your object type mappings
  5. Execute the import

Read the detailed instructions for best practices and tips when importing data into Assets.

What was Insight? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Assets was formerly known as Insight from Atlassian’s acquisition of Mindville in 2020. These features have now been rebranded and fully integrated into Jira Service Management under Assets.

What can be stored in Assets? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Anything. Seriously.

  • Traditional IT assets like hardware? ✅
  • Configuration items? ✅
  • People records? ✅
  • Fish? If it’s important to you, it’s important to us ✅

Assets is flexible to your needs. Just create the object type and schema right for you and you’ll be on your way.

Asset and Configuration Management Resources

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How to manage inventory in Assets

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Asset and Configuration Management Handbook for ITSM


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