We’re excited to announce the general availability of virtual agent capabilities in Jira Service Management, and debut expanded AI capabilities for ITSM. Our recent advancements are designed to help customers deliver great employee and customer support at high velocity, crucial in today’s digital and remote-friendly world.

AI-powered virtual agent levels up employee and customer experiences

Remote work and a surge in globally distributed teams has forced enterprises to rapidly address how they provide their employees and customers with 24/7 virtual support.

By integrating AI-powered virtual agent technology with Jira Service Management, Atlassian’s market-leading ITSM offering, support teams will be able to deliver exceptional service even faster and more importantly, at scale.

The virtual agent will help teams automate support interactions and deliver fast, always-on, conversational support via their favorite collaboration tools. The built-in AI engine analyzes and understands intent, sentiment, context, and profile information to personalize interactions. The technology learns from interactions by leveraging a best-in-class Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine. During setup, support teams can easily configure the virtual agent experiences to match the way they deliver service, without writing a single line of code.

The virtual agent also uses generative AI to dynamically generate answers from sources within your enterprise, like knowledge base articles, onboarding guides, and FAQs. And if necessary, it can seamlessly transition the conversation to human experts to complete the request – without losing context. This reduces friction and helps resolve cases faster.

Automate support interactions and deliver fast, always-on conversational support via Slack

Virtual agent capabilities are now generally available with the Premium and Enterprise Editions of Jira Service Management.

Additional AI innovations power exceptional support across enterprises

In addition to the virtual agent capabilities, innovations powered by Atlassian Intelligence (in early access) will reduce cognitive load and manual tasks for support agents, allowing them to resolve issues with both empathy and speed to drive better support experiences.
For example, with a click of a button, agents will be able to get a concise summary of all conversations, knowledge base articles, and other resolution paths recommended by previous agents handling an issue. This will allow for seamless hand-offs between support agents, reducing the frustrating back-and-forth between employees and agents.

Get up to speed fast with concise and accurate summaries of previous conversations.

Atlassian Intelligence will also help agents generate and improve responses to customers, ensuring clear and thoughtful communication between stakeholders. It will help them craft better responses, adjust their tone to be more professional or empathetic, or summarize a lengthy knowledge base article to provide concise instructions.

Automatically create clearer, more thoughtful responses

Other AI-powered capabilities in Jira Service Management that will improve operations and employee support include the ability to:

  • Intelligently surface relevant context like knowledge base articles, past issues, and incidents
  • Intelligently assign or recommend the right agent to tackle a request
  • Automatically categorise and prioritise incidents and changes
  • Group similar incidents to escalate to a major incident
  • Surface similar past incidents to help with resolution
  • Identify potential change conflicts across services, teams, and schedules

What’s next for AI-powered support?

At Atlassian, we believe that enterprises can’t possibly standardise on one tool or platform for all service delivery. Different teams have different levels of service management maturity. So they are likely to use the tools and channels that work best for their teams.

With potentially hundreds of service delivery tools within an enterprise, how do employees actually know where to go to get help?

Our vision is to provide a unified help experience.

It centers around building an experience that coordinates the routing of all employee requests to the right tools and teams to solve problems fast. This “intelligent front door” will have the smarts to gather requests from an employee’s preferred channel, including web portals, email, chat, and even embedded experiences within other products and tools.

It will use Atlassian Intelligence to evaluate the context and intent of the request to provide concise answers, and even suggest the right team or tool for resolution, which might even be a third-party solution.

Get concise, actionable answers, powered by Atlassian Intelligence

We’re on a mission to unleash the potential of every team to deliver exceptional support. We’re doubling down on our investments in AI so enterprises are empowered to deliver outstanding service at scale.

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Atlassian unveils new virtual agent, debuts innovations in AI-powered ITSM