Evaluating Atlassian Cloud


1. How does Atlassian Cloud compare to server products?

The hosted Atlassian Cloud offers most of the functions available in the corresponding download products, but some differences exist as well due to the distinction between hosted environments and on-premises environments.

Atlassian Cloud grants Administrator access (not System Administrator) to all applications, additionally there is no SSH or file system access. Atlassian Cloud does not support customization, use of unsupported plugins and external repositories. For more information, please see Restricted Functions in Atlassian Cloud.

Atlassian Cloud customers do not have access to source code as the Atlassian Cloud SaaS service code base is not customizable.

2. Is my data secure?

Atlassian utilizes NTT colocation services for all commercial hosting needs. They are a premier provider of fully-managed hosting services. Here are the relevant documents regarding hosting security and terms for your review:

3. What are the Terms of Service?

Use of Atlassian Cloud is governed under the Atlassian Customer Agreement and Service Specific Terms.

4. What's New in Atlassian Cloud?

Check out What's New for the latest and greatest in Atlassian Cloud. You can also subscribe to our blog. The blog announces upcoming upgrades and the completion of them.

Getting Started

1. How do I sign up for Atlassian Cloud?

Atlassian Cloud can be evaluated free for 7 days. Should you need longer than 7 days, evaluations of Atlassian Cloud can be extended to 14 days, upon request Visit Try Atlassian Cloud to start a no-obligation evaluation.

Already using Atlassian Cloud? To add products to your existing subscription, Site Administrators can navigate to the Applications section of your Atlassian Cloud site through the menu in the header and add applications and/or add-ons as needed.

2. What is the uptime for Atlassian Cloud?

The Atlassian Cloud System Status page records the monthly uptime based on unscheduled downtime. We do have scheduled maintenance windows to add new features and fixes.

3. How do I import content to Atlassian Cloud?

Atlassian Cloud provides mechanisms for handling data outside of the application user interface. Please see the Importing Data documentation.

4. Quick Start Guide for administrators

Get up and running with our online tutorial.

5. Quick Start Guide for users

Get up to speed quickly with Getting Started with Cloud and the free Atlassian University lessons.

During your Evaluation

1. How do I increase/decrease the number of users?

To create, delete, and edit users, go to  > User management. Then use the Users page to carry out your management tasks. You must be in the 'site-admins' group to manage users in Atlassian Cloud.

2. How do I add/remove applications and add-ons?

Site Administrators can navigate to the new Discover New Applications section of your Atlassian Cloud site through the menu in the header and add or remove applications and/or add-ons as needed.

Please note: Removing applications or add-ons takes effect immediately and no credit or refund will be offered for removing applications or add-ons early.

3. What add-ons are available for Atlassian Cloud?

See Atlassian Cloud and Add-ons (Plugins) for a list of free and commercial add-ons.

4. How do I get technical support?

We offer full support during your evaluation, see our Atlassian Support Offerings to learn how we can help you.

5. Can I get an extension of my evaluation?

Atlassian offers fully functional evaluations of our Cloud products for a period of 7 days (can be extended to a maximum of 21 days upon request). Subscriptions start at $10 for 10 users per application without any long-term commitment.

If you need additional evaluation time, you can opt to move forward with the 10-user plan for 30 days, starting at $10. During those 30 days, if you decide the service isn't for you, the Cloud subscription is fully refundable - no questions asked.

Just Contact us with your invoice number before the end of your first billing period (30 days) and we will process the refund and send a confirmation when complete.

End of your Evaluation

1. What happens when an evaluation is about to expire?

New Customers: will receive a reminder email with instructions on how to continue using Atlassian Cloud.

Monthly Customers: If you are on a monthly subscription, a reminder email will be sent to your billing contacts prior to the end of the trial indicating details of the charges to be applied to your next billing cycle.

Annual Customers: If you are on an annual subscription the trial will automatically expire and a quote would be sent to the billing contacts if you wish to continue to use the application or add-on after the trial. There are no commitment to purchase at the end of the trial, so you won't be billed for it automatically.

A Site Administrator can remove the application/add-on from your instance at any time during the trial period.

2. How do I add a credit card?

Site Administrators can navigate to the Billing section of your Atlassian Cloud site through the menu in the header. On the Billing screen click on Update credit card which will direct to My Atlassian. Alternatively, a billing or technical contact can update the credit card directly from their My Atlassian account.

3. How do I request the annual payment option?

At this time, it will not be possible to change your user tier or purchase new applications through your My Atlassian account or within your Atlassian Cloud site. Please Contact Us to upgrade your user tier or purchase new applications.

4. How do I cancel Atlassian Cloud?

To cancel your evaluation or subscription to Atlassian Cloud, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to my.atlassian.com. You'll arrive on the Licenses page by default.
  2. Click the '+' sign of your Atlassian Cloud subscription. The account management pane will now display.
  3. Click the 'Cancel Subscription' link to request the cancellation of your account.

If you would like a backup of the data in your Atlassian Cloud instance, please see the Backing up and exporting data documentation. 

The Atlassian Cloud subscription will be deactivated immediately and your credit card will not be charged again. No credit is offered for canceling an account prior to the end of a billing cycle.

5. Can I get a refund for applications/add-ons that I didn't cancel before the end of my evaluation?

To request a refund during the first month of paid service (following an evaluation) or within 30 days of payment for an annual subscription, please Contact Us and we'll be happy to assist.