Based out of the North Pole, Santa Claus Ltd. (SCL) is the leader in speedy and precision gift giving on consumerism’s biggest holiday: Christmas. SCL delivers on time, every time to children around the globe between the hours of 9:00 p.m. Christmas Eve to 5:00 a.m. Christmas morning, in 24 time zones and in varying weather conditions – all completed with a team of persnickety reindeer.

Despite what you’ve seen in the movies, Santa Claus isn’t a one-man show – he has a team. SCL is a worldwide operation of over 5,000 elves, reindeer, and a team of Santa decoys working together, along with CTO Mrs. Claus keeping everything running as smooth as red velvet Santa slacks.

Building the ho-ho-ho network

Each winter, SCL expands operations to auxiliary locations around the world, more commonly known as “shopping malls,” to mine consumer data (aka “wish lists”) to spot the year’s trends, make quick behavior judgments, and keep the SCL brand top-of-mind. To keep things running smoothly amid new traffic patterns (not to mention unpredictable residential and commercial development), elves conduct year-round recon missions to map out efficient delivery routes. Santa collects the information and begins his planning and processes.

Delivering Christmas joy: a team effort

SCL needed to streamline their efforts, and take Christmas to the next level, so they adopted Jira Service Desk to handle requests and keep everyone on schedule. SCL’s CTO, Mrs. Claus, who oversees all things technical at SCL headquarters:

“Every December, the IT team is swamped. Countless requests from practically every elf and Santa decoy come in around the world, whether it’s a new pair of boots or replacing a reindeer’s jingling bells, we see it all.”

In the past, the elves used email to keep track of issues and send requests to the IT department. By adopting Jira Service Desk, the elves are saving time and keeping busy.

“Elves aren’t exactly a tech-savvy bunch,” Mrs. Claus said. “At first, I couldn’t get them near a computer. They kept making robot sounds and trying to use their wooden hammers on the keys. Luckily, Jira Service Desk’s simple customer portal makes it easy. Now, they even want laptops. Things are changing up in the North Pole!”

SLAs keep elves on target

Mrs. Claus says the SCL team loves Jira Service Desk’s built-in SLA (Service Level Agreement) management because it helps prioritize last-minute tasks. And real-time reports help her see issue resolution while providing crucial Christmas Eve preparation updates.

“People don’t exactly think of the North Pole as a real technology hub, but we’re slowly becoming the frozen Silicon Valley. Everyone keeps saying, ‘Software’s eating the world.’ Well, it’s hungry for Christmas cookies, too! Like every industry, we knew we needed to adapt.”

By working as a team, SCL is more productive than ever. According to Mrs. Claus, Santa and his team delivered awesome support to his customers: the children. Optimism is high for a flawless year, thanks to their new service desk. So, this Christmas when the kids run down the stairs in their stocking feet, racing towards the tree, remember it wasn’t just one man in a sleigh, it was a team that built Christmas: one SLA at a time.

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Sleighs and SLAs: how Jira Service Desk keeps Santa on schedule