Knowledge management

Knowledge management is the constant cycle of effectively handling knowledge within an organization, from creation to application, so the right information can be found at the right time. A knowledge base is where that knowledge is structured and stored for easy access. Checkout these resources so you can make knowledge work for you and your team.

What's a knowledge base and why you need it

What is a knowledge base? Why do we need a knowledge base? Read on to learn the basics, the benefits and 7 critical tips to build your own knowledge base.

7 knowledge management tips for a service desk

Knowledge management is the key to a high-performing service desk. Read our 7 knowledge management tips to build a high-performance service desk.

Why knowledge centered support (KCS) matters?

Top IT teams are putting collaboration at the center of their culture — and solving problems way faster. What is knowledge centered support (KCS)? Read on to learn.

Self-service isn't just for IT

Today, many teams outside of IT want their own self-service portals. Read on to find out why, when, and how should you build them.

Pro tips for a self-service knowledge base

Self-service lets your team do more with less. Learn how you can make your knowledge work for you and satisfy customers at the same time.

The benefits of knowledge-centered support

Learn from IT service management expert John Custy as he talks about why KCS is so effective, and the difference it can make for you and your teammates.

5 steps to knowledge-centered support (KCS®)

What is knowledge centered support (KCS)? How does KCS work? Get your team started with knowledge centered support by following this step by step guide.