Live Online Training FAQs

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Scheduling, ordering, payment

1. How do I schedule my live online training?

Once you purchase training, we'll send you an email with registration instructions.  To speed up the scheduling process for Individual classes, select which session(s) you would like to attend from this schedule and include it in your response.  To speed up the scheduling process for Company classes, have some dates in mind that will work for your team and suggest them in your response.

2. Does my training purchase expire?

Yes, but you have up to 12 months from the date of purchase to attend training.

3. What is your refund policy?

You may cancel an order within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, but not inside of 3 days of your scheduled course.

4. Will Atlassian cancel online training classes?

Atlassian may cancel online training sessions up to 48 hrs prior to class due to low enrollments. If this happens, you will be rescheduled automatically, and notified by email.

5. What is your re-schedule policy for live online training?

For individual seats in public sessions, you may reschedule your seat up to 3 business days prior to the class start date. Payment for the course will not be refunded if cancellation is received less than 3 business days before the class start date, or for no-shows.

6. Can I send someone else in my place?

Yes, if you wish to send another attendee in your place, please notify

7. Can I use my enterprise training credit toward live online classes?

Yes, absolutely! You can redeem this one-time training offer for up to two seats in any of our live online classes valued at $500 each. Up to two attendees per valid SEN# may enroll into the same class on the same day/time.

8. How many days in advance do I need to request my seat for a public live online class?

We need at least one full business day’s notice in order for us to send you setup instructions and for you to test your connections to the hosted classroom and lab environments. It should take you only 20-30 minutes to run the tests, but we realize you're busy and troubleshooting is sometimes required. Registering as far in advance is always better in case you need to work with your IT department to download plug-ins, etc.

9. What are the benefits of a private company class (online or onsite)?

If you have approximately 6-12 people, consider purchasing a private Company class instead of individual classes from the public schedule. Some of the benefits of the private Company class are:
1. More economical: an individual public class is $500 per person whereas a Company class is $3000 for up to 12 attendees.
2. More convenient: you select a date/time convenient to your group - you are not tied to the public schedule (subject to instructor availability).
3. More focused: with only people from your company in the class the issues and question that come up will be more relevant to your situation. In addition, while we don't offer customized content, we do try to have the instructor speak with you before the class to get a better understanding of what type of users are in the class and which areas to emphasize and de-emphasize.

10. Do you offer any discounts for non-profits?

We don't offer any discount programs for individual classes, only through private Company classes for up to 12 people. However you can access self-paced walk-throughs to get started. Though not as in-depth as our live online classes, they are more affordable to get you going.

Setup - Important!

1. What are the minimum technical requirements for this course?

Each attendee needs a computer with a high-speed Internet connection in order to connect to (1) a WebEx web conference session and (2) a hosted lab environment.  For best results, we recommend the following browsers:  PC - Internet Explorer or FireFox.  Mac - 64-bit browser (Safari of FireFox). Chrome does not support the requirements.

We also highly recommend that you use a computer headset and microphone (VOIP) and that you attend from a quiet workspace to allow you to concentrate.

2. Do I dial in to a conference bridge or can I use VOIP?

WebEx provides you with both options. You can either dial into the web conference session using your phone or you can connect to the audio using your computer for VOIP. Both options allow 2-way conversations. It’s your choice. The session information and instructions will be provided on the day of class, once you connect to the web conference. If you have trouble connecting to VOIP, you should dial in to the Conference Bridge and then work out any VOIP audio issues. 

3. What is required to connect to WebEx and should I test access?

Use one of the browsers listed in #1 (above). If needed, you will be prompted to download and install (1) a Java and (2) a WebEx plug-in.

We highly recommend that you test your WebEx connection prior to the session by clicking on this link ( You may be prompted to install the plug-ins, and then you should connect to a test WebEx session. Once you are connected to a session, you have completed the WebEx setup. Note that on the day of class you may be asked to install another plug-in; please be sure you are enabled to do that on the day of class. If you have trouble please contact: WebEx Support at 866.229.3239 (option 1), or visit for helpful information.


4. What is required to connect to the Hosted Lab Environment and should I test access?

Use one of the browsers listed in #1 (above). You may also be asked to download a plug-in.

We highly recommend that you to test your lab connection prior to the session by clicking on this link ( and following the directions on the web page. If you experience trouble and you need help, please contact: or call +1.888.352.6593 (US) or+1.650.331.3428 (International).

5. Why can’t I download and/or install the plug-ins?

There are two main reasons you may not be able to download and install plug-ins: (1) VPN: If you are connected over VPN, your network connection may not allow you to download installers or large files. Try disconnecting from VPN to resolve. (2) Lack of Administrative rights: Your work computer may be restricted, and your company may not allow you to install plug-ins or programs. If so, contact your IT department to resolve prior to the session, or try using a personal computer from home.

6. Must we have Atlassian products for the training?

No, we host a fully functioning lab environment for you to access the Atlassian products required for the classes. All you need is a browser and a high-speed Internet connection (see also detailed requirements in questions above).

7. Is there a limit to the number of connections allowed on WebEx?

Individual sessions are limited to a single connection per session purchased. The class size is limited to allow the instructor time to answer questions and assist as needed for the labs. The maximum number attendees for a Company course is 12.

8. What is the recommended Internet connection speed for the session?

To enjoy the class to its fullest extent, we recommend a fast Internet connection. Be sure that you are on a DSL or Cable or an Office Internet connection (+ 5Mbs/sec). If you are connecting through Wi-Fi, be sure the signal strength is strong. If your signal is weak, you should consider connecting to the router using a network cable.

Session details

1. How is online instructor led training delivered?

Atlassian-appointed instructors deliver live classes in an online environment. Attendees join a WebEx session from their preferred location and connect to a hosted lab environment to practice what they learn. We run classes in three major time zones to meet your scheduling preferences.

2. How long are the online sessions?

Online sessions range from 3.5 to 6 hours and they usually begin at either 8:30am or 1:00pm in these three time zones (US Pacific Time, British Time, Australian Eastern Standard Time) but you should check the schedule for your specific class. Instructors build in time for breaks.  There are also hands-on exercises during which you can take quick breaks as you work.

3. Can we view a recording of the session?

We don't record or offer recordings of our training sessions.

4. In which languages is training delivered?

We will work with customers who have purchased "Company" training to meet your language requests.  Public courses are currently delivered in English unless called out specifically on our public schedule

Agenda, training content

1. Are some courses prerequisites to others?

Each course description will include details of suggested prerequisite courses. However, they are just recommendations, as we do not enforce these to attend class. Students are responsible for reviewing and selecting their courses based on their own level and comfort of relative experience.

2. What courseware is available and how is it offered?

We provide downloadable PDF versions of the training materials one day prior to the session, should you wish to print it.  We also offer the materials during the session.

3. Which version of the product do the courses cover?

Our goal is to provide training on the latest major product versions and based on the schedule of BTF (behind the firewall).  The courses may not include the latest versions of OnDemand.

4. Will Atlassian customize a course agenda for us?

We are happy to provide you with a detailed agenda prior to your session, but we don't customize sessions.  If you require custom sessions, we suggest working with one of our Expert Partners who may fit your needs.


1. Must we have a working business process in place prior to attending training?

Not at all.  If you don't yet have a working process in place, or you are new to Atlassian products, the training should serve as a useful guide in developing your processes.

2. Will I be able to participate in the class?

Yes!  We strongly encourage all training attendees to participate in class.  The courses are designed for interaction and incorporate polls, breakout sessions, and exercises.  In addition, you may ask questions at any time during the session.

3. Do you allow us to add or change attendees last-minute?

We'll do our best, but new attendees need adequate time to test and set up classroom access. To avoid classroom disruptions, we don't allow new attendees to join a class that's already begun.