By 2017, 132 billion business emails will be sent and received per day. By the time you finish reading this, 20 more billion business emails will be written.*

Email is our go-to mode of communication. While it’s great for conversation, email often gets used in parts of the business where it’s not scalable – including internal support. A few email exchanges may seem harmless, but as your company grows, your internal service desk will become flooded with email requests from employees with no way to prioritize, categorize, assign, or deflect them. The result? Lost tickets, wasted time by agents, and unhappy employees.

We are excited to announce an exclusive webinar with Alex Stillings, Manager of IT Support Services at Twitter, to learn how they overcame this challenge and reduced email support by 80% with Jira Service Desk.

Twitter Help Desk



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How Twitter reduced email support by 80% with Jira...