ブレーンストーミング セッションの実施方法



How does brainstorming on a Confluence whiteboard work?

ブレーンストーミングはエキサイティングですが、ビジネス目標の範囲内に留めることが最善です。ブレーンストーミング セッションは、a.) 特定の何かを達成しようとしており、かつ b.) 提示されたアイデアに対してアクションを起こす準備が整っている場合にのみ、実施してください。「顧客チケットへの応答時間を短縮する方法を決定する」、「次の四半期に 3 つの主要なマーケティング キャンペーンを計画する」など、目標を 1 ~ 2 文にまとめます。

ミーティングの参加者全員と目標を共有します。ブレーンストーミング セッションのアジェンダを作成します。ここには、要約と会話のスケジュールの目安を含めてください。ミーティングの目的を (当日朝ではなく) 事前に全員に知らせて、準備する時間を確保します。

How to

No more switching tabs, devices, or computers, trying to slap software solutions together with too many confusing logins and usernames. Confluence syncs with Jira, our issue-tracking software, to ensure each whiteboard isn’t just a place to dump ideas. Your whiteboard will be a real, live project management tool to organize how work gets done.

When you run your whiteboards through Confluence, you’ll get some immediate project management benefits:

  • A single source of truth, connecting ideas, tasks, and workflows in one centralized hub for anyone on your team to view. Collaborate visually while allowing team members to add context directly to the board via attachments.
  • Access for the entire team, creating transparency in each project and allowing people to submit their ideas for brainstorming sessions.
  • Immediate cost savings through tool consolidation; if you signed up for Confluence, you can already use Confluence whiteboards. 
  • Enhancing virtual collaboration for greater organization-wide impact. With Confluence whiteboards, every worker is included in critical brainstorming meetings or workflow data to wonder where they fit in the jigsaw puzzle of each project. You can also use Confluence to ensure teamwide access to the whiteboard for easy updates.

2. 適切なチームを作る

同僚の創造性が、なぜ自分がそのミーティングに出席しているかを考えることではなくて、ブレーンストーミング自体に生かされるようにしてください。800 を超えるチームを対象にした調査で、1 つの部屋にいる人数が多すぎると、「社会的手抜き」が発生したり、数人の中心的な担当者がすべての仕事をこなしてそれ以外からの貢献がほとんどなくなったりする場合があることが分かりました。自分がそのミーティングに出席している理由が分からない参加者が多くなればなるほど、ブレーンストーミングの質が低下します。



Use Confluence whiteboards to structure and organize ideas

Whiteboard sessions can be critical creative time, true. A brainstorming session should set your team loose, giving everyone the bandwidth they need to pop out ideas without any fear of being shot down.

But creative ideation exercises will only get you so far. Whiteboards can be great for structuring a loose collection of ideas into a campaign, a project, or a new initiative. 

The problem with traditional whiteboards is this can require a lot of erasing, modifying, and editorial back-and-forth. Confluence whiteboards, on the other hand, offer some digital assistance when it comes to organizing your ideas. 

  • You can illustrate the relationship between ideas with stickies, lines, and sections—just like you could if you were standing at a whiteboard with a marker in your hand
  • Start assigning Jira tasks and sub-tasks to individual team members so that you come away from a brainstorming session with more than just ideas—you come away with a team to-do list

Create templates and dedicated pages for brainstorming and creative ideation exercises

A physical whiteboard is just that: a board with a lot of white space. But Confluence whiteboards can pre-populate with best-practice templates, giving you a head start for any brainstorming session:

  • Brainstorming templates will populate with notes for kicking off those game-changing “what-if” questions.
  • Retrospective templates help you conduct exit interviews on old projects: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Prioritization matrixes split up the whiteboard into a grid so you can organize (and therefore prioritize) the decisions your team is facing.
  • Team formation guides are great for assigning users to specific projects within your organization, which can lead to separate brainstorming sessions via Confluence.
  • Concept maps can be critical for mapping out team resources, workflows, and planning multiple projects simultaneously.

There aren’t any features you’d lose from moving to a digital whiteboard. Sticky notes? You can use them. Stamps? Use those to react and vote for your favorite ideas. Everything you can do with a physical whiteboard, you can do with a Confluence whiteboard, all while crossing time zones with ease. It’ll be as if you’re all in the same room.

Brainstorming whiteboard templates

Synchronize a team’s inspiration from a single source of truth

Company-wide collaboration is the name of the game. If you can’t have your whole team in the room with a single whiteboard, you may feel you’ve left critical team members out. The result: you’re not getting the inspiration from multiple angles and backgrounds asking key questions during a brainstorming session.

But Confluence changes all that. You can automatically sync new updates to your Confluence Homepage, or add project-specific updates to a Confluence whiteboard. We’re also planning on introducing features like “@” mentions to ensure colleague discussions are easy to reference and redirect.

In a traditional whiteboard setting, you might have someone taking minutes. With Confluence whiteboards, you can have a virtual brainstorming session and proceed across time zones as if you never missed a beat.

There’s also a neat feature for integrating these whiteboards with Jira. 

You can use Confluence whiteboards to group a specific set of tasks, ideas, or assignments. Smart sections ensure you don’t have to make updates to Jira issues after planning sessions. You and your team can move work forward without having to go back and revise in Jira. Essentially, you can set up sections with configured Jira actions, which then apply to all current Jira tickets in the sections. Use this feature to mass-update fields like priority, assignee, story points, and more.

And it works two ways, as well. Team members can upload their notes or web links to the whiteboard so everyone can reference them. The result: your virtual brainstorming sessions seamlessly segue into a to-do list, much like a project management tool.

Embed images and links to help illustrate your ideas and make them more engaging

At a certain point, the “analog” whiteboard runs out of features. You can paste sticky notes to a whiteboard, maybe even print off an image and tape it to the thing. But once you have videos, webinars, and conference calls that need to be part of the project, no whiteboard will help.

Well, there’s one. 

The Confluence whiteboard can embed images to illustrate your ideas. Rather than a whiteboard full of long swaths of text, images can get ideas across much more quickly. That’s especially relevant for visual and design-based projects.

If you’re building a whiteboard, you can also use this feature to assign tasks to your team members. You can highlight virtual brainstorming sessions so a copywriter knows what to write about. You can record yourself giving live notes to provide feedback to a designer. Or you can simply paste a video link you saw online, giving additional context and background to anyone on your team who needs it.

Start collaborative whiteboarding sessions for remote teams

Some features in Confluence whiteboards can help remote team members keep up, even if they’re not in the loop on the initial whiteboard session. But we haven’t yet addressed how collaborative this process can be. 

With a Confluence whiteboard, your sessions aren’t limited to who’s in the room. You can build a session online, either on the computer or live within a conference room, and involve everyone on your remote team. You don’t have to abandon team members across the globe and wait for them to catch up. And you don’t have to miss out on their spontaneous insights or reactions, either.

Don’t forget about the scientific importance of flow state. Spontaneity and live reactions matter to creativity. As one study noted, “the possibility of surprise” is one essential ingredient of flow. In brainstorming sessions, when a good idea pops out, it instantly stimulates that sense of flow.

That’s an effect you can’t capture as easily via email. It takes live interaction and spontaneous reactions to generate that creative flow—ultimately leading to better ideas on your whiteboard.

3. 場を設定する

ミーティングの開催が必要になるたびに、いつもと同じ会議室を設定することは簡単です。しかしながら、人間の脳は新規性を愛します。新しい場所にいることでも、脳の神経可塑性や新しい方法で考える能力を刺激できます。場所を切り替えることで、ブレーンストーミングから出てくるアイデアの質を高められます。オフィスの後ろのピクニック テーブル、角のカフェを試してください。ワークスペースの別のコーナーでも結構です。

ミーティング スペースを変えられない場合は、古いルーチンに新しい要素を導入します。暗黙的に誰かのものということになっている椅子を交換したり、変わったスナックを提供したりします。

ブレーンストーミング セッションの最適な時間についてはさまざまな意見があり、チームによっても異なります。締め切りのあるチームには 30 分が最適でしょうか、それとも活発にアイデアを出すには 1 時間に近いほうが好ましいでしょうか? 午前中が冴えているでしょうか、または昼食後はエネルギーにあふれているでしょうか? いくつかのバリエーションを試して、グループに最適なパターンを見つけてください。

But moving your brainstorming sessions over to Confluence might sound challenging. Doesn’t adding Confluence introduce an unnecessary complication?

Not with how Confluence whiteboards work. Confluence brings all of your work together into a single view. You can still use Jira just like you always have—in fact, there are ways to enhance how you use Jira:

  • Convert stickies and shapes into Jira issues. A sticky on the whiteboard is a handy way to jot in a quick note. With Confluence whiteboards, it can accomplish far more than a simple reminder. You can convert your stickies into Jira “issues,” which helps you manage Jira without leaving the whiteboard.
  • Connect Jira issues to map out your work. What if you have multiple Jira issues and need to see how they flow together? You can connect them within the Confluence whiteboard, as well. Or you can import Jira issues to visualize your tasks. Sometimes, this means populating a whiteboard with pre-mapped planning work already done.
  • Edit Jira issues along with Confluence pages—again, without ever having to leave your whiteboard. 
Connect with Jira on whiteboards

Along with these features, you can embed plans and add links as needed. It’s hard to paste a PDF onto an actual whiteboard. But with Confluence whiteboards, you can have an entirely digital experience for everyone on your remote team to access.

4. 適切な進行役を選ぶ

ブレーンストーミングのためにせっかくチームが集まっても、誰もリードしなかったらセッションは成立するでしょうか? ブレーンストーミング セッションはコラボレーティブな会話ですが、それでも進行役が必要です。


  • アイデアをよく理解するための優れた傾聴スキル
  • ミーティングを軌道に乗せるための時間管理スキル
  • アジェンダを作成してアイデアを記録するための編成スキル
  • すべてのメンバーに参加を促すリーダーシップ スキル



破壊的ブレーンストーミング テンプレート


ブレーンストーミング テンプレート

Mural による、この Confluence テンプレートでリモート ブレーンストーミング セッションを計画、実行、文書化します

Confluence で、すべてのチームのコンテンツ コラボレーションがより迅速になります