Jira Software Data Center continues to evolve as a powerful enterprise work management tool, helping teams move their work forward for everything from requirements and test case management to agile software development. This evolution is now further bolstered by the inclusion of advanced roadmaps in Jira Software Data Center. Advanced roadmaps is now available to download free for all DC instances, and will automatically be included with Jira Software Data Center from 8.15 and beyond.

Create a strategic roadmap and track progress against your goals. With filters and saved views, see the snapshot you need based on real-time data from Jira.

What does this mean for your Jira experience?

Here’s a refresher: advanced roadmaps in Jira allows you to plan and track work across multiple teams and projects directly from your Jira instance. Jira alone can sometimes become too granular, making it difficult to see how multiple projects and initiatives are tracking towards the big picture. Advanced roadmaps is designed to empower teams at scale, enabling you to plan based on capacity, track dependencies, manage competing priorities, and explore alternative scenarios as part of your work management practices, all while serving as a single source of truth into the current and future health of your initiatives. Advanced roadmaps ensure that the information your team cares about is readily available in an ever-changing environment

If you’re running Jira 8.14 or older, you can easily download the app for free from the Marketplace or upgrade to 8.15+ to get the experience native in your instance.

About advanced roadmaps

Advanced roadmaps uses what-if scenarios, the data in your Jira instance, and an intuitive interface to help your team do the following:

Plan: Create a plan or program from the existing data in Jira, and roll up your epics into initiatives to get a cross-team and cross-project view of your work.
Forecast: Auto-schedule issues to create a realistic schedule. To create this schedule, multiple variables are considered, including backlog priority, estimates, and dependencies, to generate a plan in a matter of seconds.
Manage: Manage teams and their velocity to avoid bottlenecks and over-utilizing their capacity. Team and capacity management help you ensure the right people are available when they need to be.
Adapt: Make fast prioritization and trade-off decisions, and instantly see their impact in your plan, so you can answer “what-if” questions.
Track: Set business goals and track progress to make sure the team is indeed executing on strategy, with everyone aligned to the same priorities.
Report: Reap the benefits of a single source of truth, with aggregated visibility across teams so you can keep everyone on the same page.

More value, less hassle

In addition to keeping your teams and organization in sync, advanced roadmaps in-product means one less thing you have to worry about updating. What’s more, the inclusion of advanced roadmaps further aligns Jira Data Center to Jira Cloud Premium and Enterprise, benefitting organizations running a hybrid model.

To better quantify the value of Jira Software Data Center and how it can save your organization time, money, and sanity, check out our Data Center business value calculator.

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Advanced roadmaps is now part of Jira Software Data Center