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Important changes to our Data Center products

We’re making several pricing and packaging changes to our Data Center products. Learn more about the future of Data Center.


What enterprise-level products and services does Atlassian offer? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Atlassian provides mission-critical products, premier support, and strategic services for customers to get the most out of their Atlassian applications.

  • Data Center provides high availability and performance at scale for your mission-critical Atlassian applications
  • Premier Support delivers account-level access to a dedicated senior engineering team providing enhanced availability and SLAs for all your Atlassian applications.
  • A Technical Account Manager (TAM) is a trusted advisor for your implementation teams providing guidance, advice, and coordination across your organization, the Solutions Partner ecosystem and Atlassian's internal teams to maximize the value your Atlassian solutions
  • Cloud Enterprise provides enterprise-grade scale, security, and governance controls for global organizations.
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Data Center is Atlassian’s purpose-built enterprise offering for self-managed environments. With the continuous innovation of enterprise-grade features, flexible infrastructure choices, and advanced controls, Data Center makes it easy to meet the complex needs of your organization at scale. Data Center is available for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Crowd. See our Data Center information page for more details.

Reference our Data Center FAQ for common questions.

What is the difference between Premier Support and Advisory Services? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Premier Support: is a rapid response team to go to for incidents involving your entire Atlassian stack.

  • Dedicated Senior Engineers
  • Onboarding
  • 24x7 including phone*
  • 30 minute initial L1 response time
  • Critical Incident Management

*Weekend coverage supports all products, however, Hipchat, Crowd and Development Tools coverage and response is limited to only L1 issues.

Advisory Services: is a proactive consultative team that works closely with you and your Solution Partner to amplify your Atlassian ROI by accelerating outcomes with strategic guidance, configuration insights, and workflow/toolchain best practices, to boost team performance and allow you to easily adapt and scale in the future.

  • Team of strategic planning, domain and Atlassian software experts

  • Comprehensive, outcome-focused guidance

  • Atlassian portfolio and transformation strategy development guidance

  • Software configuration and usage optimization

  • Domain, toolchain, and ways of working best practices

  • Scalable foundation so you can easily adapt

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Cloud Enterprise

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For enterprises with ever-growing collaboration, security, and governance needs, Atlassian’s Cloud Enterprise plan offers the most advanced capabilities for flagship products - Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Desk in the cloud, enabling unmatched scale & performance (multiple instances, up to 150, 99.95% SLA), centralized administration & governance (billing, release tracks), enterprise-grade security (data residency, SAML SSO) and ease of extensibility & support (Forge, dedicated support).

To learn more about how Jira Cloud Enterprise differs from Jira Cloud Standard and Jira Cloud Premium, see Explore Jira Cloud Plans. For Confluence, see Learn about Confluence Plans.

Is Atlassian Access included in Cloud Enterprise? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Yes, an Access subscription is included in Cloud Enterprise, at no extra cost.

What level of support is offered with Cloud Enterprise? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Cloud Enterprise comes with the highest level of cloud support available across Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Management from a dedicated team of Customer Success Managers. This is equivalent to Premier Support for Data Center/server.

Key features include:

  • 24/7 coverage
  • 30 min IRT for L1
  • Dedicated Senior Support Team
  • Phone Support
  • Dev Escalation Priority
  • Proactive Health Checks
  • Up to 3 designated contacts

Priority & Premier Support

What is Premier Support? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Premier Support is an extension to our Select support that helps you and your implementation teams get the most out of Atlassian’s products with limited interruptions. The team is your dedicated resource to get you back up and running with your mission-critical Atlassian applications.

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Priority Support was created to ensure there will always be a support option for you as you continue to experience growth. This support offering is designed to provide you with faster response times, inbound phone support for production-impacting issues, access to teams of advanced support engineers for critical issues and extended coverage hours.

With this new offering, we let you choose the right level of support for your organization. Priority Support for server includes enhanced coverage by an advanced team of senior support engineers for all critical issues impacting production. You can count on our support team to handle all production impacting issues 24/7. This flexibility lets you plan downtime more effectively and know that an advanced team of support engineers will be available after business hours. For all other issues, you'll also receive the same great support during your work week.

Where can I learn more about the Priority and Premier support offerings? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Please see the Atlassian Support Offering Details in our Atlassian documentation.

If you're interested in Priority or Premier Support and would like to chat with Atlassian, please Contact Us with any questions you have.

Advisory Services

How do I purchase Advisory Services? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

To inquire about our Advisory Services please Contact Us; or request a quote from your Atlassian Solutions Partner.

What is the difference between Atlassian Advisory Services and Atlassian Technical Support? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Atlassian Technical Support is a 'break-fix' incident based service where you file a specific support request regarding a point in time problem, and they assist you in resolving the issue. Atlassian Advisory Services are a proactive consultative resource focused on ensuring that you are deriving the appropriate ROI from your Atlassian investment. Atlassian Advisory Services helps you architect an Atlassian technical solution that aligns with the outcomes you need and your team workflows with best practices and risk mitigation in mind.

Does Advisory Services provide on-site consultative resource? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Our Advisory Services team’s primarily function within the region where the customer's production management teams reside. Our Signature and Elite Advisory Services plans include a select number of onsite visits at the customer's location per year, but spend the majority of their time providing remote guidance and working with their counterparts in Atlassian's offices to enable the customer.

Are there Advisory Services resources that speak my local language? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

For certain countries where English is not the primary language, a local Advisory Services resource is available who will speaks the local language. Contact Us to inquire whether such a resource is currently available in your locale.

What is the difference between an Atlassian Advisory Services and a Solutions Partner? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Solutions Partners are in-depth and hands-on technology practitioners to help you deploy, manage, and enhance your Atlassian deployments. Atlassian Advisory Services includes a team of professionals with expertise in strategic planning, domain and technical Atlassian product best practices. They work closely with you and your Solutions Partner to identify the outcomes you want to accelerate, then build and execute on that plan. The team has access to Atlassian product, engineering, executive, and support teams can advocate for your Atlassian product feature needs, and will keep you abreast of the latest product roadmap updates and internal thinking from within Atlassian to ensure that you and the Solutions Partner are following down the ideal solutions path.

As a Solutions Partner can I sell Advisory Services to customers I am working with? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solutions Partners are qualified to sell the Advisory Services. Partners within other non-enterprise tiers of Atlassian's Partner program will need to work with the regional Partner Manager to qualify. For more details on the conditions of selling the Advisory Services, or to execute a Advisory Services order, the Partner must qualify the customer as an Advisory Services prospect via