Take control of your dev workflow

Git Essentials combines the leading issue tracker with Git repository management from Atlassian to create the best development workflow for your team. Customize workflows to create a seamless process for tracking and sharing development progress with your team.

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Be in the know

Dev tasks are traceable throughout the entire software development process, and available from a single interface. All work is automatically pushed into an issue's details, giving you quick insight into progress, or helping you tackle roadblocks. At any point in your sprint, click on an item on your scrum or kanban board to check progress.

Get Git right

Standardize the way your team works and trust that they're following the right process. Using feature-driven development and custom workflows, devs can quickly create branches from the issue. Branch fields are pre-populated, saving you time and letting your team get back to the code.

Implement structured workflows

Atlassian supports the most common Git workflows to make adopting Git seamless. Structured planning and development workflows keep your process simple while helping you get releases out quickly.

Automate manual tasks

Eliminate tediousness from your day by automating cascading merges and releases. With automatic merges, changes made to an older branch will automatically be applied to a newer one and merged up to master. 

Git Essentials capabilites

  • Branching

    Feature branches are the best way to ensure build quality on master while the team works on the codebase. Branching is just one click away with item details like the repository, key, and name pre-populated. Connect issues and code without a second thought.

  • Pull requests

    Pull requests integrate peer feedback into your development flow when it's time to merge to master. With diffs, issues, build results, and reviewer comments in one place, your team has a complete dashboard for evaluating code quality.

  • Builds

    Set up your CI schemes to automatically detect, test, and merge new branches. Control the order in which builds are executed and trigger releases by clean tests. While parallel tests are running, anyone on the team can see build results from the issue's details.

  • Dev panel

    The Development panel inside an issue provides one source of truth on dev progress. Now, anyone can see branches, commits, pull requests, and builds associated with the item. Select any of the update links and drill deeper into the work being done. 


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