Confluence Licensing and Purchasing

Our FAQ contains the most frequently asked questions relating to our licensing and pricing. Of course, if you would like to talk to us directly, please contact our Customer Advocate Team.

Cloud Subscriptions

1. Where can I sign up for a trial?

Trials for Confluence Standard and Confluence Premium can be started on the Try Atlassian Cloud page.

Already using Atlassian Cloud? Site Administrators can add and remove products and Apps via the Site Administration page of your Atlassian Cloud site at any time. Keep in mind, removing applications or Apps takes effect immediately, and no credit or refund will be offered for removing products prior to the end of a maintenance term.

2. What does a Confluence Cloud Standard subscription cost?

We offer a la carte pricing for Atlassian Cloud. Your subscription starts with either Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, or Confluence as its foundation. From there, you can choose from available add-ons (like Portfolio for Jira) and additional applications.

Our monthly pricing is progressive, meaning that we offer volume discounts as you add more users. Each users' unit price is based on the pricing rate in which the user falls.

Havi árak:

*Az Atlassian Cloudhoz most 75%-os árengedménnyel juthatnak hozzá a jogosult közösségi vásárlók, és 50%-os árengedménnyel a jogosult oktatási intézmények

Éves ár:

*Az Atlassian Cloudhoz most 75%-os árengedménnyel juthatnak hozzá a jogosult közösségi vásárlók, és 50%-os árengedménnyel a jogosult oktatási intézmények

Miért ugrik nagyot az ár 10 és 11 felhasználó között? A 10 főre szóló licenceink bevezető árakat kínálnak a kis csapatok számára. Ha 10-nél több felhasználóval rendelkeztek, akkor a szokásos árak vonatkoznak rátok.

3. What does a Confluence Cloud Premium subscription cost?

Havi árak:

*Az Atlassian Cloudhoz most 75%-os árengedménnyel juthatnak hozzá a jogosult közösségi vásárlók, és 50%-os árengedménnyel a jogosult oktatási intézmények

Éves ár:

*Az Atlassian Cloudhoz most 75%-os árengedménnyel juthatnak hozzá a jogosult közösségi vásárlók, és 50%-os árengedménnyel a jogosult oktatási intézmények

4. How can I purchase or request a quote for Atlassian Cloud?

The monthly payment plan can only be paid with a credit card or PayPal account associated with the subscription.

To request a quote for the annual payment option, please Contact Us with your Atlassian Cloud url.

5. What is the minimum term for Confluence Cloud?

The minimum term is one month. You can choose to renew on a month by month basis, or you can purchase a year in advance.

6. What payment options are available?

Monthly: Monthly subscriptions are limited to payment via credit card or PayPal. To update the credit card or PayPal account details on file, please see the How do I update the credit card or PayPal account on file? FAQ.

Annual: this payment option can be paid via credit card, mailed check, bank transfer, or PayPal. Complete payment details can be found on an official quote. A subscription holder can request a quote from their My Atlassian account.

7. When should I consider Confluence Cloud Premium over Confluence Cloud Standard?

Confluence Cloud Premium provides an advanced toolkit to help admins better manage their Confluence site with more visibility and control. New product features give administrators temporary access to restricted pages to resolve permissions quickly, as well as deeper insight about your team’s site, space, and page use for better reporting, resource decisions, and content.

For organizations who need confidence in their ability to scale, the premium plan also offers 24/7 support with 1 hour response times for critical issues, unlimited storage, and a 99.9% uptime SLA financially backed by service credits.

8. How do I upgrade from Confluence Cloud Standard to Confluence Cloud Premium?

Confluence Cloud can be upgraded from a Standard plan to a Premium plan at any time via the Manage Subscriptions page of your Atlassian Cloud site.

9. Where can I find the Atlassian Terms of Service?

Please see the Cloud Terms of Service for more information, as well as our Expanded Coverage Addendum, which outlines our enhanced Terms for Atlassian Cloud Premium.

10. How do I get service credits reimbursed for an SLA breach?

If you have experienced an SLA breach within a particular calendar month, you must make a request for service credit within fifteen (15) days after the end of the calendar month by filing a support ticket. For more information, see our SLA Compensation for Premium Plans documentation, or our Cloud Premium SLA Terms and Conditions.

11. I have more questions about Atlassian Cloud.

Great, because we have more answers! Please see our complete Atlassian Cloud FAQ.

Server Licenses

1. What does a new Confluence Server license cost?

We have designed Confluence Server licensing to be simple, upfront and equitable. Your initial purchase entitles you to perpetual use of the software, and includes 12 months of software maintenance – access to new software releases/enhancements, our world-class Support team, critical bug fixes, and security patches – from the date of purchase. While renewing your software maintenance annually is optional, it is strongly encouraged in order to ensure continuous access to all of the benefits listed above. 

2. How much is it to renew my Confluence software maintenance?

All server licenses include 12 months of software maintenance – access to new software releases/enhancements, our world-class Support team, critical bug fixes, and security patches. Beyond this initial period, we strongly encourage renewing your software maintenance every 12 months* at our renewal pricing. 

Az Atlassian automatikusan küld egy kötelezettségmentes árajánlatot 90 nappal a karbantartásra vonatkozó licenc lejárata előtt. Bármikor kérhetsz árajánlatot. Erről bővebben a GYIK oldalán olvashatsz. Lehetőséged van arra is, hogy beállítsd az automatikus megújítást – ezt a oldalon teheted meg.

A szoftverkarbantartás megújítása az aktív karbantartási időszakod lejárati napján kezdődik, függetlenül attól, hogy mikor vásároltad meg a karbantartás megújítását. Javasoljuk, hogy legalább 30 nappal a lejárat előtt intézkedj a megújításról, hogy biztosan a legújabb kiadásokat kapd meg, és hogy bármikor igénybe vehesd a műszaki támogatást.

3. What is software maintenance?

Software maintenance, included in your first year of use*, gives you the following benefits:

  • Security patches
  • Critical bug fixes
  • New features & enhancements
  • Access to Atlassian's world-class Support team for technical troubleshooting
  • Developer license* keys (lets you test the upgrades before committing!)
  • Potential to enroll in Beta Programs

In order for your software maintenance to remain active year-round, you must purchase it annually. Learn more about our renewing terms for software maintenance above. We also suggest making sure your business processes allow for frequent upgrades so your team can continue reaping the benefits enjoyed by other world-class teams.

*Please note that 10-User Starter server licenses are not eligible for non-production Developer licenses or Technical Support. 

4. How can I request a quote?

Requesting an obligation-free quote is easy! You will just need to submit your request through our Atlassian Store. In the final step check "Get a Quote" and click submit. Only quotes submitted though our online form are considered valid, screen prints of the shopping cart is not the same as a quote.

5. Does my Confluence Server license have to match the Confluence Team Calendars add-on?

Yes, Confluence Team Calendars is an add-on for Confluence whose license type and user count must match that of the Confluence Server license it is being used with. For instance, a 25 User Commercial Confluence Server license will require a 25 User Commercial Confluence Team Calendars license.

6. How do you define a Confluence User?

A user is defined as a unique, named account that has been granted access to an application. Anonymous users may also be granted access and do not count against license totals.

7. How is Confluence Server licensed?

A Confluence Server commercial/academic/starter license entitles you to:

  • Deploy a single instance of Confluence in a production environment on 1 server accessible by the number of users licensed
  • Unlimited pages, spaces and comments
  • Perpetual Confluence use
  • Software maintenance for 12 months - including all updates and online support
  • Application source code (under a developer source license which allows for broad customization)

Licensing fees are quoted per number of 'active users.' An active user in Confluence is by definition any user account in the system with the "Confluence Users" global permission or the "Confluence Administrators" permission, i.e. anyone who can log in. Unlimited 'anonymous users' are permitted on all licenses.

An academic license is available for qualified educational and academic institutions (learn more). Please see our Software License Agreement for more details.

8. What is the cost to upgrade my Confluence Server license to a higher user tier?

You will be pleased to know that you can upgrade Confluence at any time and all data is seamlessly upgraded. Upgrades include 12 months of software maintenance commencing from the date payment is processed. This will override any existing maintenance period. 

Please Note: The below prices* are applicable for licenses purchased after 12-Oct-2018. Pricing for licenses purchased prior to 12-Oct-2018 will be calculated using the original purchase price.

Upgrades to Academic server licenses are 50% of the pricing seen above.

Note: If you are using Confluence Team Calendars, Confluence Questions, or any other Marketplace app, the app licenses must match the user tier and type of the parent product. For example, a 500-User Confluence Server license will require a 500-User Team Calendars for Confluence license.

Starter licenses (10 Users) cannot be upgraded. If you are using a Starter license and wish to move to a higher user tier, you can purchase a new license for the number of users who will be using Confluence.

9. How do I purchase a Server license upgrade?

There are two ways to generate a server license upgrade quote:

My.Atlassian Account

When the license's Billing Contact logs into their My.Atlassian account, they can select the license in question, followed by Upgrade. You'll then be routed to our secure Quote & Order form. You can then select the product(s) you'd like to upgrade, and the User Tier you'd like to move to. When you're finished, click Add To Cart. You can then check out, or save the no-obligation quote for later. 

Atlassian Store

Upgrade quotes can be generated directly from the Atlassian Store. After logging in, you'll see Upgrade at the top of the page. You can then select the product(s) you'd like to upgrade, and the User Tier you'd like to move to. When you're finished, click Add To Cart. You can then check out, or save the no-obligation quote for later. 

Data Center Term Licenses

1. What is Data Center?

Data Center is a deployment option providing high availability and performance at scale for your mission critical Atlassian applications. Our Data Center offering is available for Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. See our Data Center information page for more details.

Please also see our Data Center FAQ for common questions.