Confluence Pricing & Licensing

Importanti modifiche ai nostri prodotti Server e Data Center
Abbiamo chiuso le vendite delle nuove licenze Server e concluderemo l'assistenza per questo prodotto il 2 febbraio 2024. Continuiamo, invece, a investire in Data Center con diversi miglioramenti chiave. Scopri cosa puoi aspettarti.

Confluence Cloud

Where can I sign up for a trial? Show

Free trials for Confluence Cloud Standard and Confluence Cloud Premium can be started on the Try Cloud page. We also offer a Free plan of Confluence Cloud for up to 10 users, with 2GB storage, and Community Support. You can compare the Free, Standard, and Premium plans here.

Already using cloud? Site Administrators can add and remove products and apps via the Site Administration page of your cloud site at any time. Keep in mind, removing applications or apps takes effect immediately, and no credit or refund will be offered for removing products prior to the end of a maintenance term.

What does a Confluence Cloud Standard subscription cost? Show

We offer a la carte pricing for cloud. Your subscription starts with either Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, or Confluence as its foundation. From there, you can choose from additional applications.

Our monthly pricing is progressive, meaning that we offer volume discounts as you add more users. Each users' unit price is based on the pricing rate in which the user falls.

Prezzi mensili:

Atlassian Cloud Free è supportato dall'Atlassian Community.

*Atlassian Cloud è ora disponibile con il 75% di sconto per i clienti Community idonei e con il 50% di sconto per i clienti Academic idonei.

Prezzo annuale:

*Atlassian Cloud è ora disponibile con il 75% di sconto per i clienti Community idonei e con il 50% di sconto per i clienti Academic idonei

What does a Confluence Cloud Premium subscription cost? Show

Prezzi mensili:

*Atlassian Cloud è ora disponibile con il 75% di sconto per i clienti Community idonei e con il 50% di sconto per i clienti Academic idonei.

Prezzo annuale:

*Atlassian Cloud è ora disponibile con il 75% di sconto per i clienti Community idonei e con il 50% di sconto per i clienti Academic idonei.

What is the minimum term for Confluence Cloud? Show

The minimum term is one month. You can choose to renew on a month by month basis, or you can purchase a year in advance.

What payment options are available? Show

Cloud Monthly

To ensure timely payment for monthly subscriptions, we're only able to accept payment via credit card or PayPal. The card on file can be updated by the primary billing contact via at any time, or you can elect to pay via PayPal via the Billing Details section of your cloud subscription.

*Unfortunately, we're unable to accept Discover credit cards for monthly renewals

Cloud Annual

Cloud subscriptions set up for automatic renewals can be paid via credit card or PayPal. Annual quotes can be paid by credit card, bank transfer, check, ACH, PayPal, or Net-30 terms (for orders above $10,000). Complete payment details appear on the first page of an official quote and on our How To Pay page.

When should I consider Confluence Cloud Premium over Confluence Cloud Standard? Show

Confluence Cloud Premium provides an advanced toolkit to help admins better manage their Confluence site with more visibility and control. New product features give administrators temporary access to restricted pages to resolve permissions quickly, as well as deeper insight about your team’s site, space, and page use for better reporting, resource decisions, and content.

For organizations who need confidence in their ability to scale, the Premium plan also offers 24/7 support with 1 hour response times for critical issues, unlimited storage, and a 99.9% uptime SLA financially backed by service credits.

How do I upgrade from Confluence Cloud Standard to Confluence Cloud Premium? Show

Confluence Cloud can be upgraded from a Standard plan to a Premium plan at any time via the Manage Subscriptions page of your cloud site.

Where can I find the Atlassian Terms of Service? Show

Please see the Cloud Terms of Service for more information, as well as our Expanded Coverage Addendum, which outlines our enhanced Terms for Atlassian Cloud Premium.

How do I get service credits reimbursed for an SLA breach? Show

If you have experienced an SLA breach within a particular calendar month, you must make a request for service credit within fifteen (15) days after the end of the calendar month by filing a support ticket. For more information, see our SLA Compensation for Premium Plans documentation, or our Cloud Premium SLA Terms and Conditions.

I have more questions about Confluence Cloud. Show

Great, because we have more answers! Please see our complete Cloud FAQ.

Confluence Data Center

What is Data Center? Show

Data Center is Atlassian’s purpose-built enterprise offering for self-managed environments. With the continuous innovation of enterprise-grade features, flexible infrastructure choices, and advanced controls, Data Center makes it easy to meet the complex needs of your organization at scale. Data Center is available for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Crowd. See our Data Center information page for more details.

Reference our Data Center FAQ for common questions.

What does Confluence Data Center cost? Show

Please refer to Confluence Pricing for complete pricing details.

What's included with Confluence Data Center? Show

Beginning February 2, 2021, Team Calendars for Confluence will be bundled with Confluence Data Center. Existing Confluence Data Center customers can unlock Team Calendars by updating to the latest version.

Additionally, starting February 2, 2021 PT, Priority Support will be included with a Data Center subscription to Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, and Crowd, as well as Bitbucket for customers with 500 or more users.

What are the benefits of Data Center? Show

Data Center helps large enterprises get work done at scale.

Our enterprise edition for self-managed environments, Data Center offers solutions for enterprise environments across:

  • Compliance and security
  • Advanced user management
  • Infrastructure and operations
  • Data and insights
  • Scale, performance, and availability
  • Enterprise-grade ecosystem

Data Center is available for Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Service Management, Crowd, and coming soon to Bamboo.

Where can I learn more about moving to Data Center? Show

Our migration center provides end-to-end support throughout your move to Data Center, leveraging our proven best practices and resources including:

  • Step-by-step deployment guides that show you how to plan and successfully migrate to either non-clustered or clustered Data Center.
  • Resources and migration tools that can make migrating to Data Center easier.
  • Support to guide you through every step of your journey to Data Center and ensure you have the information you need to be successful.
  • Solution Partners for complex setups and support to help you plan for, move to, and grow with Atlassian’s Data Center products.

If you still have open questions after reviewing the documentation, our team will be happy to clarify them for you – just get in touch.

Confluence Server

How much is it to renew my Confluence software maintenance? Show

Existing Confluence Server licenses can be renewed to a maximum end date of February 2, 2024. Review the table below to find your Confluence Server renewal price.

Atlassian invia automaticamente un preventivo senza impegno 90 giorni prima della scadenza della manutenzione di una licenza. Puoi richiedere un preventivo in qualsiasi momento; per maggiori informazioni vedi le Domande frequenti. Hai anche la possibilità di configurare il rinnovo automatico tramite

I rinnovi della manutenzione software hanno inizio quando scade il periodo di manutenzione attiva, indipendentemente dalla data di acquisto del rinnovo. Per eseguire l'aggiornamento ai nuovi rilasci e ricevere assistenza tecnica in qualsiasi momento, ti consigliamo di procedere al rinnovo almeno 30 giorni prima della data di scadenza.

Does Atlassian offer discounts for customers migrating from server or Data Center to cloud? Show

Yes. For a limited time, existing server and Data Center customers who move to a 1,001+ user cloud subscription are eligible for a multi-year loyalty discount. This applies to customers moving to both our Standard and Premium cloud subscriptions for Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Core, and Confluence.

Please note: In order to qualify, you must have purchased your server or Data Center license/subscription before October 3, 2019 and your server or Data Center license must be migrated using a free cloud migration trial.

To learn more, please visit our cloud migration faq or contact us for additional assistance.

What does end-of-support mean? Show

Between February 2, 2021 PT and February 2, 2022 PT, we will continue to provide support (i.e. database, browser, Java) and bug fixes on server products. After February 2, 2022 PT, we will only provide security bug-fixes for critical vulnerabilities until the end of support.

On February 2, 2024 PT, your products will reach end of support. After that date, we will not release any further product updates. Regular security updates help protect your business from threats and vulnerabilities, so we strongly recommend moving to cloud or upgrading to Data Center before the end of support date.

What does it cost to upgrade my Confluence Server license to a higher user tier? Show

Existing Confluence Server licenses can be upgraded to a higher user tier until February 2, 2022, after which you'll need to migrate to cloud or Data Center to change your user tier.

User tier upgrades are calculated based on your existing license's purchase price, and the purchase price of the target user tier. To verify your upgrade cost, create a server upgrade quote in the Atlassian Store or contact us for assistance.

How do I purchase a user tier license upgrade? Show

There are two ways to generate a server license upgrade quote:

When the license's billing contact logs into, they can select the license in question, followed by Upgrade. You'll then be routed to our secure Quote & Order form. You can then select the product(s) you'd like to upgrade, and the user tier you'd like to move to. When you're finished, click Add To Cart. You can then check out, or save the no-obligation quote for later.

Atlassian Store

Upgrade quotes can be generated directly from the Atlassian Store. After logging in, you'll see Upgrade at the top of the page. You can then select the product(s) you'd like to upgrade, and the user tier you'd like to move to. When you're finished, click Add To Cart. You can then check out, or save the no-obligation quote for later.

Please note that Confluence Server license upgrades are only available until February 2, 2022.