On-call management and escalations

Opsgenie makes on-call management easy. Build and modify schedules and define escalation rules within one interface. Your team will always know who is on-call and accountable during incidents and have the confidence that critical alerts will always be acknowledged.


On-call schedule management

Easily create on-call schedules with daily, weekly and custom rotations. Leverage multiple scheduling rules to use different rotations at different times. You can define sophisticated scheduling scenarios such as after-hours coverage, weekdays and weekends, and geographically distributed teams coverage.

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Routing rules and escalations

Opsgenie ensures that critical alerts are never missed. Opsgenie’s flexible routing rules enable the right teams to be notified based on the source, priority, and timing of the issue. Escalations ensure that the alert gets the necessary attention when an alert is not acknowledged within a certain amount of time. For example, if the person on-call does not respond to a high priority alert within 5 minutes, you can notify another person or team, automatically.

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On-call overrides

When one user has scheduling issues or conflicts, others can easily take shifts and transfer responsibility, without administrative involvement.

On-call reminder notifications

Opsgenie ensures your team is kept aware of their duties. Opsgenie automatically notifies users when their shifts begin and end.

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