Opsgenie solutions for secure, on-prem environments

Whether your environment is on-prem, hybrid, or in the cloud we’ve got you covered.

Edge encryption

Secure your data with encryption that you control

The Edge Encryption app acts as a bridge between Opsgenie and third-party tools. Sensitive data are encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard.

Edge Connector diagram

Leverage the alerting power of Opsgenie, stay in full control of your data

  • Alert fields other than alias, messages, tags, and priorities are encrypted.
  • Opsgenie never receives the raw alert payload.
  • You control the encryption keys and the application is hosted in your environment


Edge encryption

Use Opsgenie without inbound connections through your firewall

Whether using Jira, SolarWinds, Nagios, Zabbix or another on-prem tool, Edge Connector listens for alert actions and then runs a mapped action (script or executable) against that event in your on-prem envrionment.

  • The app is compatible with proxy servers and industry standard HTTPS/TLS encryption.
  • Utilize scripts in various languages including Python, Go, Groovy, and more
  • Enrich alerts and resolve incidents faster using Custom Actions. Add buttons to alerts for pinging a host, restarting a server, attaching files, and more.


Utilize customized actions to resolve incidents faster

Experience Opsgenie in your secure environment